How to Survive Job Loss

Sometimes I wonder what the Lord has up his sleeve for us. He challenges ups and as soon as things start to look like they are going to be ok he puts another roadblock in our way.  But this can be a learning experience. Here are my tips to survive your husband’s job loss. Here are some tips we used to survive job loss in the past.

Stressed out about a job loss? Hera is haw to survive and thrive while you get back on your feet.

Go on a spending freeze. List essences you must cover. Think along the lines of… Rent, power, water, phone, internet (if you work from home), food, toiletries. Everything else goes on hold.  You don’t NEED it.

Use his last check to pay off everything for the month. Pay off needs right away. You will feel better not worrying about bills and having a bit of time to make up the funds for the next month.

Go cheap and in bulk. Run to your local Wal-Mart buy two to 3 months of the basics. Toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish detergent, trash bags. With a few month’s worth of the basics in the house, you won’t have added stress of not having basic needs.

You can survive job loss

Apply for assistance. I am fully against living off the system and have worked hard to support our family without assistance but when job loss hits it is time to get a little help. These times are the reason these programs exist. Start right away as some programs like unemployment can take a few weeks to take effect. Remember this is what your tax dollars are for.

Cut daily expenses. Work on lowering things like your electric and grocery bills. Park the car and do not use it unless you have no choice. The price of gas is quickly on the rise and this will help you lower your expenses.  Move beds to the largest bedroom and set it up so you are heating or cooling one family space.

Earn extra money.  Set up a yard sale, use apps to get paid to grocery shop.  Get creative and find side jobs around the neighborhood, start offering services on sites like Fiver. switch your default search engine to one that pays like Swagbucks.

You never know maybe losing your job will be the best thing that ever happened to you check out this great book You’re Fired! and see how you can bounce back better than ever

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How to survive job loss

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