Help Your Daughter Memorize the American Heritage Girls Oath and Creed

Monkey joined the American Heritage Girls and we went to our first meeting. She loved it and decided she is joining. As part of the joining up badge, she has to memorize the American Heritage Girl Oath and Creed. I want to help my daughter memorize the American Heritage Girls Oath and Creed so I created a few ideas for her.

A Free printable and easy trick to help your daughter remeber the American Heritage Girls oath and creed

Printable Cards to help your daughter memorize the American Heritage Girls Oath and Creed

The first thing I did was set out to create a printable set I could laminate for Monkey to carry around as she learns the creed and oath. Because I plan to be a big part of this with her I made myself a copy as well.

By laminating it I created cards the babies could not destroy and could go anywhere my little American Heritage Girl goes. To make your own print this FREE 1 page set. Cut and laminate. It’s as simple as that.

Now in the car, around the house, and at those first few meetings, your daughter will have a bit of help memorizing the American Heritage Girls Oath and Creed.

—>Print your copy here<—

Try this fun trick to teach your daughter the American Heritage Girls Oath.

Simply take your child’s hand and write the main points onto each finger. Good, Family, Country, and Community.

This creates a great tactile way to help your daughter remember the order of each point in the American Heritage Girls Oath. Don’t expect perfection. Even the troop leader messes up from time to time.

More ways to practice

  • Practice in the car
  • Practice in line at the store
  • Talk about what each line means
  • Tell a friend about American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls a great alternative to Girl Scouts

We wanted an alternative to Girl Scouts that fit our personal convictions but still offered all of the great things offered through scouts.

For a while, we were doing Prims with National Girls Ministries but when we moved we had to find something new. In our new area, we found American Heritage Girls and decided to go ahead and give it a try.

We plan to work on badges together over the summer as a big part of our homeschool curriculum. Oh and get this.

Our troop has a great mix of homeschool and public school girls everyone is truly welcome and I can’t wait to see the adventures we find ourselves in. If you would like to visit a troop near you go to the American Heritage Girls website today.

Now we are off to go shopping for our first event with American Heritage Girls. A TEA PARTY! Doesn’t that sound fun?

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  • Tiffany says:

    I love this! We’re starting a new AHG troop for homeschoolers. I plan to use this with our Tenderheart unit. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Monika Chaffey says:

    Thank you for this, we just started with AHG this fall, this will be a big help!

  • Michelle Beckham says:

    Thanks for mentioning American Heritage Girls! The link you have in your post does not go to the AHG website, instead, it links to National Girls Ministries. The correct url for American Heritage Girls is:



  • Bonnie DeRaps says:

    Have you done any other blogs on AHG? I just started a new troop at our church and came across your page while looking for neat ideas for our girls! 🙂 I’d love to see what other ideas you have come up with!

  • Grace says:

    Hi there,

    Is there a link to print out the oath and creed cards? I don’t see a link for the items in the photo.

    Thanks a lot for this great idea!

    • Grace says:

      Sorry, I found the link!

  • Jennifer Brenneman says:

    I can’t seem to find a link to print this. Is it still available?

    • Jenn Gerlach says:

      It is the large text thats print your copy here