Helping Your Marriage Recover From Trauma

Our marriage has seen a lot of trauma. From the loss of pregnancies to major accidents. This can take a toll on a relationship or give you an opportunity to bring you closer together. 2020 has been a crazy year but nothing like last year that had the potential to make or break our marriage. After close calls in the past we knew we needed to take action to keep things going smoothly after a major accident and both of our fathers dying within weeks.

Talk about the trauma

When things take a turn for the worse it can be common to internalize it. This can lead to huge issues in your relationship after trauma strikes. It may take time to talk about it but you must do so if you want to move on through the struggles.

If you two have a hard time sitting and talking it out together emotionally try talking about it through writing, text, or another form of communication.

This can be particularly important in situations where the trauma involves both of you.

Communicating together allows you to deal with the trauma and come to terms with the situation and changes it is making in your relationship.

Spend quality time together

Dating your spouse is a great way to reconnect after trauma. Spending quality time together just the two of you gives you the chance to rebuild bonds that may have suffered from the trauma.

This is a great time to enjoy sheared hobbies or experience your partner’s hobbies up close and personal.

Consider counseling

Marriage and even premarital counseling can be a great asset to your marriage. Most couples wait until there is a major problem in their relationship to give counseling a try.

The truth is there are many other great times to give counseling a try for your marriage including after trauma. A major accident, illness, or loss can rip families apart without you even realizing it is happening. Counseling is a great way to help your marriage survive stress and trauma.

Learn more about online marriage counseling here. To help you make the choice for yourself and find a viable way to get in marriage counseling that works for you during these trying times.

Build a support system

Having a support system consisting of close friends and family can help reduce the brunt of your stress and needs from falling on your partner. One single person can not provide all of your emotional needs and this can put stress on a relationship in times of trauma.

Having a support system helps to keep things running smoothly and allows you to have someone you can talk to even when it is hard to share your emotions with your partner.

Find something that makes you happy

A new hobby, interest, or mindfulness activity is a great way to help you cope with trauma and allow you the time to think clearly. A clear mind can help you communicate better with your spouse and heal yourself.

This post is brought to you by Regain. An online digital therapy program for couples that can help you get through life’s challenges. All advice and opinions are my own.

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