Homemade Foam Dough

Do you remember foam dough from your childhood? The gooey almost slimy base packed with foam balls that squish between your fingers. It’s truly a great sensory activity for kids. When I seen the foam balls labeled as faux snow at the dollar store I just KNEW I had to make this for my kids. This DIY Foam dough that looks and molds like snow was the end result.

This homemade foam dough makes a great sensory activity for kids

Make your own homemade foam dough

What you need:

Make your own homemade foam dough

Make your own foam dough

Making foam dough is super easy to make and loads of fun to play with.

  • Empty glue into a large bowl.
  • Fill the glue container with water and shake well.
  • Whisk glue into the water. Add in liquid starch
  • Add in liquid starch string lightly
  • Slowly poor slime into a large bowl of foam pieces before it thickens for easiest mixing.


Make your own homemade foam dough (DIY Floam)

Making this when it is not Christmas time? Have no fear breaking up a foam cup with give you the same little balls for foam with some extra work.

Want to add some flair? Mix food dye into the water for some fun colors or glitter for some sparkle.


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