Homeschooling Through the Holidays: Thanksgiving

When it comes to learning we never really stop. Many people think of the holidays as a chance to take time off from school but, many homeschoolers see it as a chance to make learning all that much more fun. We are one of those homeschoolers and love to bring fun learning activities into the holidays.  We even count the kids helping cook and clean for Thanksgiving as home economics. Because one day they will need these skills. Homeschooling through the holidays makes learning fun and exciting.

Homeschooling Through the Holidays: Thanksgiving

Cooking for Thanksgiving make a great homeschool lesson

As your child helps you in the kitchen not only are they learning basic life skills like peeling potatoes your child is also learning math, reading, and other basic skills in their real life application. You don’t have to explain to your child how they will use fractions when they learn them in real life. We had the kids help measure, pour, mix, even peel and chop for the older kids this year. They loved every moment of it.

Lessons on thankfulness

We pulled out the Thankful turkey Mother Goose Time sent this year. This is the same as last year so I think this will be a regular thing. I was happy to have one less thing I needed to print from our Thanksgiving activity packet. It was so cute to hear the little ones tell me what they were thankful for this year. We had God, toys, books, and even Aunt Marie. Awe.

Counting Turkeys

Mother Goose Time Sent these cute little turkeys as park of a recycled bowling game. Bowling would not have been a good fit with the crowd we had for the holiday. So instead we used them as a table activity to encourage the littles to work on counting and number recognition.

Homeschool Through the Holidays by celebrating history in Thanksgiving.

Sills from history

Mother Goose Time sent a fun sewing activity with plastic needles in the October box. I stashed this one for Thanksgiving so we could discuss how the basic skill of sewing has evolved from the first thanksgiving to now. The kids loved learning how to do stitches.

Homeschooling through Thanksgiving

The best part about homeschooling through thanksgiving is we can address the history of both the colonials and the Native Americans. As the children get older we can dive deeper into the dark side of history and while they are young we can keep it light and fun.

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