How to Keep your Home Safe and Warm

For tose of us up here in the north the cold has arrived. Freezing temps, icy winds, and drafts we may have missed while preparing our homes for winter. No matter how hardcore you are about not turning the heat on until you have no choice you have flipped that switch by now. Just last night we ran to the store for salt… We may have sold a car that had the salt in the trunk… Opps. Now it is all about keeping your home safe and warm.


Keeping your home safe and warm.

This time of year we see a spike in house fires. People desperate to keep warm often make not so smart choices. Others suffer through the cold afraid of the risks. The good news is you can stay safe and warm this year. with a few simple tricks.

Cover Drafts.

If you haven’t broken out the plastic and take yet go for it. Get windows covered to help keep cold air outside where it belongs rather than inside your home.

Caulk is a great way to seal cracks and openings that let cold air in.

Check your door insulation. If light shines through so does cold air. Add insulation to the edges of your door and Draft guards to the bottom.

Create a cozy environment

Throw pillows and throw blankets are a great way to keep your home and family warm. Keep blankets folded and handy for warming up chilly family members.

Cover windows with thick curtains to help keep cold out with an extra layer of coziness. Dark curtains will help pull heat from the sun in to warm the cold air between the glass and your curtains creating a warmer insulation.

Cold winter got you down? These tips will help you Keep your Home Safe and Warm this winter.

Be smart about space heaters

Space heaters are handy for keeping rooms warm. Perfect for heating parts of the house that are in use rather than the entire house. They can also be unsafe. We had our three-year-old fall on one this year burning herself because someone had turned it up far too high. We have also seen one catch fire due to improper use.  You can use space heaters and still Keep your home safe and warm.

Choose a space heater that stays cool to touch. This will protect anyone that may bump into it.

Choose a space heater that has a sensor to turn off should it tip over.

Place your space heater away from fabrics, paper, and other items that can catch fire. Treat them like a candle.

Plus directly into your wall outlet. DO NOT use an extension cord. This is a big fire risk.

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