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December’s Mother Goose Time Theme was Sights and Sounds of Winter. Oh, how I loved this theme. I did not write much in December. Like many bloggers, the month was very busy. For me, it had a few extra challenges.

I could not let this great theme land on the back burner. We were thrilled to have Mother Goose Time to save our holiday fun when I needed a bit of help keeping everything going. This fun theme really made the younger children’s first chance to see snow all the more amazing.

Free Winter Educational Fun

Winter House craft and free printablesWinter icicle house craft

These cute icicles houses are such a cute project for the children. And simple for mom to help them make. Mother Goose Time offers 20 crafts/activities every month all ready to go only needing a few things like paint, scissors, and glue that you already have on hand.

Sure you could create these projects on your own. Find the craft, Buy the materials (often in bulk when you only need a few), and put them together with your kids. OR you could have Mother Goose Time do the work for you.

This project doesn’t take much for fancy materials but you will love it.

What you need:

:: One paper square.

:: One paper triangle bigger base than the square or rectangular edge.

:: Paint with either glue or water depending on if you need to thicken or thin the paint.

:: One pipette for each child. (these are worth buying in bulk for science.)

:: Silver glitter

:: Tape

:: Easel or cake pan

:: Crayons or markers

Winter icicle house craft

Decorate your house with crayons or markers. Tape the main part of the house to your easel or tray. Use the pipette to squeeze paint onto the house and let it drip into icicles. Add glitter and top with your roof.

FREE Winter Preschool PrintablePreschool – Kindergarten Free Winter Fun Printable Pack

Preschool is such and exciting time. Every new thing is just begging to be explored. With two preschoolers and a kindergartener that have no memory of snow this trip north has been a fairy tale. I will never forget my son’s reaction to the first snow he can remember (he was just a baby back in when he was born in Kansas… Yes it snows in Kansas) “Mom it’s snowing! I wanna hug it!” I had to hug him.

This print pack is a great addition to your collection full of puzzles to keep your little one busy on  a snowy day.

  • Size sort
  • Mitten match
  • Missing letters
  • Clip cards
  • Sequencing

Free Winter Print Pack for BIG kidsBig Kids Free Winter Printable Pack

Often when I make fun seasonal print packs he big kids get left out. This print Pack is for the big kids. This pack gives your big kid something to do and learn.

  • Winter weather tracking
  • Word search
  • Writing prompt
  • Word scramble

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  • Jody Smith says:

    This is super cute! I love the icicle house!

    • Jenn says:

      I know right, they where so cute before the babes used them to cover the house in glitter. A 1 and a 2 year old can sure make messes.

  • Annette Breedlove says:

    Thanks for including my Ice Skating Notebooking Pages! This is a great little unit for Winter time!