How Do You Prepare Your Clothes For Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process that uses chemicals to clean clothes and fabrics. It is a popular method for cleaning delicate fabrics and clothing items that cannot be cleaned with water. It is also effective in removing stains and dirt from clothing.

You can do a few things to prepare your clothes to be dry cleaned, especially if you are about to use the service for the first time. Here are some tips:

Determine Which Clothes Need to Be Dry Cleaned

One of the most difficult choices regarding laundry is understanding which garments require to be dry cleaned. It can be a costly and time-consuming process if not done correctly, so it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your clothing is cared for properly.

There are a few key things to consider when determining if an article of clothing needs to be dry cleaned. The first is the fabric content. Certain materials are more delicate and require special care. If the tag states that the clothing is machine-washable, then it does not need to be sent to the dry cleaner.

The second factor to consider is the garment’s size and shape. Clothing with a lot of movements, such as workout clothes or items with lots of creases, is more likely to require dry cleaning. You can consider contacting your favorite tailor for guidance if you still have doubts.

Ensure Your Clothes Are Ready to Be Dry Cleaned

Most clothes do not require to be dry cleaned after each wear. Therefore, you can wear them several times without calling a dry cleaners service. Shirts, pants, and suits can be worn a few times in between cleanings.

Additionally, wool pants can be worn up to 20 times without contacting a dry cleaner.

However, if you are confused about how often you should dry clean your garments, contact a local dry cleaner to analyze your wardrobe and recommend a cleaning schedule based on factors, for instance, fabric and the condition of your clothing.

Marking Stains

It is imperative to mark any stains on your garments so that the dry cleaner professional can easily spot them. You can attach a note to the clothing using a safety pin. Ensure you include detailed information in the note about the stain, for instance, when and how it occurred.

Putting comprehensive information on the note will ease the work of the professional in removing the stain. Professional dry cleaners are experts in removing stains, such that some people send clothes that can be washed by machines to the dry cleaners. However, try a few tips for removing stains at home. If these tips fail, then you can contact the professionals.

Check Imperfections on the Garments

Aside from removing stains, professional dry cleaners can also repair areas with problems. Therefore, attach a detailed note to the garment, and explain what repair you need.

Mark Delicate Areas

Garments meant to be dry cleaned are tailored to last. Nevertheless, the material can still form weak spots over the years. Therefore, your professional dry cleaner will need to be careful with such areas. You can attach a note indicating the weak spot in the garment so it can be handled with care.

Emptying Your Pockets

Before contacting a professional dry cleaner, ensure that you empty your pockets. You might deliver your garments to the dry cleaner only to realize that one of your pockets contained something you might require during that day. However, do not worry if you forget to empty them. The dry cleaner professional will always check the pockets before cleaning the garments.

Prepare Your Pants and Shirts

You can assist your dry cleaner by preparing your pants and shirts before they pick them up. Ensure that your pants are zipped, and your shirts are buttoned prior to cleaning. Your dry cleaner can also do it if you forget to do it. Nevertheless, preparing your pants and shirts beforehand will give the professional dry cleaner ample time to clean your clothes and return them even faster.

Get Rid of Pet Hair and Schedule the Service

In order to speed up things for your dry cleaner professional, consider removing any pet hair that has accumulated on your garments with a lint roller. That way, your cleaning professional will begin dealing with odor and stains right away. Schedule the service either online or via phone when you have fully prepared your clothing for a cleaning service.

Put Clothes in a Garment Bag

Putting your clothes in the garment bag is the last step in preparing for a cleaning service. Your dry cleaner professional will bring you a bag where you can put your clothes.

It is easy to prepare your clothes and hand them to a professional dry cleaner. Once you have fully prepared them, schedule a professional online or via phone. Once you hand over the clothes, you do not have to worry about them since they will be handled with care and professionalism.

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