How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Deck

The number one concern that you should consider for pool decks is maintenance. Pools often give the fun factor, especially to homes. It gives the owners the luxe to splash into refreshing water without the hassle of going to the beachside on a faraway coast. Providing safety goes with a beautiful pool deck Houston Bay Area inspired coastal designs or a posh LA residential pool motif. 

Cleaning the pool is a must. Regular maintenance should be kept as a habit. Experts recommend applying periodic cleaning solutions for pool deck. Here is a guide for you to know how often you should do the cleaning.

Common Pool Problems 

Before we jump into cleaning, first consider these facts. What are common pool damages and stains to check out? A pool can be less worrying when it comes to cleaning since it is located near the water. It can sustain itself, right?

Not really, though. Being exposed to frequent water activities, a pool owner must get familiar with certain stains and types of issues. 

  • Green water. Algaes developed in an unclean pool. It causes the water to turn green and moldy. Outside elements like plants, soil, the outdoor air all contribute and diffuse into the water. You could be in a humid coastal area, but the pool gets neglected when rainy seasons come. That is why cleaning is needed. 
  • Clouded Pool. Also, water in the pool can turn murky after a long time. When kids are around too, the pools capture soils and residues of mud. A barefoot enters the water. Some crumbs of sands or tiny stones get stuck at the deck. Eventually, it will get into the pool. This is why it is also important to always clean the decks.
  • Filter clogs. Pools have filtered this is too prevent large solid particles from getting caught in the dents and filter system. Also, filters work to keep the clean water after whole day use. Changing pools’ water often can be expensive or costly. If the filter clogs, water can cloud faster. Unwanted debris of leaves, soil can swim with you. Who wants t swim if you see floating pieces of dirt. Nope, you don’t want that!

Make it a Habit: Regular Pool Deck Cleaning 

Now cleaning is essential! How often? It depends on how cleaning is done. Cleaning the pool deck involves a simple solution and also ones that use deep cleaning machines. Here’s how they work.

1- Regular Clean Around the Deck

So you have a pool, summer seasons can make that spot in your homes very busy. To keep the pool fun to swim in, clean the deck as often as it needs. 

Make it a habit to at least mop away residues of leaves, grass, soils around the edges of the decks. A light damp cloth can do it. Make this regular routine eerie morning before the pool gets busy. 

2- Using of Net Filters for the Water

Another routine is simple and quick scooping of cried leaves or threads or needles of grass or twigs floating in the water. Do this as part of your daily morning ritual too. Make it enjoyable as it can be a form of exercise as well. 

Then, as people get sleepy by the afternoon make time to bond with a family or friend. Catching leaves and other dead organisms can flutter in the water. At least have the pool ready for the night swim.

3- Power Washing 

Algaes can grow. It is enough to remove what’s evident on the surface. The best maintenance routine is to pressure wash. It completes the cleaning as scrubbing off tough stains. Even dislocations caused by chemical reactions on the pool deck. 

A splash of a power wash using pressured water can make a big difference. It involves the use of air pressure, a special water hose is required. Pressure washing, when done efficiently, can be repeated at least once a month. If the stains and the pools’ condition is not that extreme, at least schedule a pressure wash quarterly. 

Having a more cost-efficient pool deck material can save you a lot of time and resources for maintenance. Concrete is definitely easier to maintain. One splash of pressured water can polish the surface thoroughly. It is unlike when tiles or pavers make up a deck. Tiny gaps need more focused attention to scrub away. 

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