Get Stains Out of the Laundry With These Tricks

When it comes to chores most women say they hate laundry for good reason. It multiplies in your sleep. Toss something with a stain in the dryer and all is seemingly lost. Sorting, and folding, and lugging up the stairs to put away OH MY! By far the worst part of doing laundry is fighting to get stains out.

I will never forget the horror of opening the dryer to find an entire load of sprig pastels so covered in melted navy blue crayon that it looked like The 101 Dalmatians in serf-land. Many many tears and every cleaner and stain remover on the market from Shout to Dawn dish detergent.

Many years later the Crayola website now recommends how to remove crayon. Good Housekeeping has tested every stain removal truck on the market and we no longer have to fight tooth and nail to get stains out.

Get Stains Out: Handy tricks for clean laundry

Tricks to get stains out, even the tough ones

Crayon – Rub with WD40, pre-treat and wash in warm water.

Red wine – Sponge with cold water right away. Pre-treat and wash as normal.

Oil – Sprinkle with baby powder and let sit. Pre-treat and wash in hot water.

Grass – Pre-treat, soak, and wash as normal.

Tomato products – Dab with watered-down liquid dish detergent. Repeat 3-4 times until the stain is removed and wash as normal.

Makeup – Pre-treat and wash as normal.

Mud – Wipe shaving cream over the muddy clothing and rinse with cold water and wash as normal. I learned this one when I let the kids play in a mud puddle… in white.

Breastfed baby poop – Yep that made the list. Any cloth diaper breastfeeding mom knows why. The trick is to lay your wet fabrics out in the sun. Once dry is still stained repeat. The sun will get breastfed baby poop stains out of anything.

Prevent stains from taking over your laundry

Dress messy children in darker colors to reduce stains and simplify life.

Use aprons for cooking, crafts, and any form of messy play. Aprons are great for kids and adults.

Save money on laundry care

Make your own laundry detergent.

Use white vinegar to kill odors and soften fabrics.

Use a drying line to save on power and help make your laundry last longer.

Use frugal stain treatments like Fels Napha when doing your laundry.

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  • Annb says:

    Can WD 40 take out marks-a-lot and dry erase board markers ? Or what can?

    • Simple At Home says:

      I would suggest rubbing alcohol poured on from the back side and blot with a white cotton cloth before washing in cold water. Do not run through the dryer until the stain is gone. I feel you and have been there before.