How to become Greener at Home

When you decide to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you should be ready to tackle the many changes that will come along. A greener lifestyle is a significant start for you and your family. This is through your cooperation and commitment that your home can be greener in the long run. An eco-friendly lifestyle makes it possible for you and your family to reduce wastefulness and pollute the environment through harmful practices and products. The following tips are vital when you seek to make your home greener.

Clean and Maintain Your Air Conditioner Regularly

The functionality and performance of the AC determine the comfort you and your family will have in the home. However, with time, repair and maintenance needs arise due to corrosion that affects the air quality and leads to a lower performance rate of the AC. A damaged AC uses a lot of energy which is why you should consider effective cleaning and maintenance services. Did you know that, on average, the U.S armed services use $5 billion a year to clean and mitigate the effects corrosion causes on various devices, including AC? When you keep up with regular AC cleaning and maintenance, you increase energy efficiency, cut operational costs and make your home greener in the process.

Consider Houseplants

Plants are relevant as they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen which sustains life in the process. As a way of making your home greener, you can consider adding houseplants in various rooms or spaces. There are several types and species of houseplants that you can use for your home. You should consult and work with a botanist for more information and guidance on specific plants to consider. Ficus and dracaena are the common plants you can use in your home to reduce the level of carbon dioxide and make it greener. With houseplants, you also beautify and add aesthetic value to your home, making it more attractive and functional to your loved ones and visitors.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Before you buy or install new appliances in your home, ensure that they meet a higher energy efficiency level. Consider using energy-efficient appliances in your home and make it greener. Appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and HVAC systems, if well maintained and meet the high energy efficiency level, help make your home greener. However, only 42% of homeowners provide routine maintenance on their AC with the help of a reputable technician, making it hard to achieve a higher efficiency level. It is of significance to note that a regularly maintained HVAC system lasts 40 percent longer than others. Look for a professional with the right skills to help you select, buy and use energy-efficient appliances. Remember to keep up with regular maintenance.

Cut On Water Use

It is easier to make your home greener and live an eco-friendly lifestyle when you reduce water waste. When you install a low-flow showerhead or take a shorter shower, you will reduce water wastage, especially in the mornings. This is helpful as it will be easier to cut on the water bills, reduce wastage and increase the functionality of your home. Consider using water filters to reduce the costs of bottled water and save money in the process. Making your home greener is also possible when you reduce the number of bottles lying around your backyard.

Less Paper Use and More Recycling

Before you head out to go shopping, ensure that you have with you the suitable bags to put your grocery and other stuff. It is easier to make your home greener when you reuse and recycle paper and generic plastic bags. Remember, every time you go out and forget to reuse or recycle your bags, you have to buy and pile more. In the long run, this is costly and leads to environmental pollution. Alternatively, you can use canvas bags instead of plastic when you go shopping for groceries. With over four pounds of trash that an average person generates every day, using less paper and doing more recycling become relevant. Using canvas bags is advantageous as they are sturdier and can hold more goods than plastic or paper bags.

As the world strives to reach a greener and eco-friendly economy, you have a role to play in making this a reality as a homeowner. The efforts you put at home go a long way into helping others within and outside your community. The above tips are not only helpful in making your house greener but also make your life easier and enjoyable.

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