A Beginner’s Guide To Ethereum Investments

Ethereum has become very popular among supporters of cryptocurrency. Its value has been placed second only to Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency developed. However, unlike Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum has applications that extend beyond cryptocurrency. Ethereum is an open blockchain that developers can use to create their own cryptocurrencies and other apps.

In the past several months, Ethereum has been a trending topic among investors because of its rise to unprecedented price levels. If you want to know more about Ethereum Investment, read on and learn about the various ways that people invest in Ethereum.

  1. Ethereum Applications

The more precise definition of Ethereum is that it’s an open-source software platform. In fact, external developers who aren’t connected with Ethereum can use it to create and develop their own cryptocurrency and digital applications. But Ethereum is also sometimes used interchangeably with Ether, which is the cryptocurrency developed using Ethereum as a platform.

Ethereum was developed using blockchain technology. This is the same technology used to develop Bitcoin. But unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum isn’t just about the Ether cryptocurrency. It’s an entire platform that can be used to create new applications built on blockchain technology.

Ethereum has been used in other applications to solicit investments other than those made through a cryptocurrency exchange. Here are some of the ways people invested in Ethereum:

  • Crowdfunding – Ethereum can be used as a way to raise funds through crowdfunding. People behind a venture or a cause can raise money online through cryptocurrency contributions.
  • Insurance – Ethereum has also been used to develop insurance based on blockchain technology. This is, of course, another investment option.
  • Lending – Some creative companies are using Ethereum to lend money to people at an interest. Loans are offered through digital apps.
  • Entertainment – Ethereum is also being used by some developers to create prediction marketplaces for sports and entertainment. They’ve provided a way of getting bets on forecasts without the need for bookies.
  • Social networking – Another application of Ethereum is in social networking. It’s being used by internet celebrities and personalities to accept financial support from their audience and social circles.
  1. Ethereum Investments

People are more familiar with Ethereum investments through the Ether cryptocurrency, which they buy, sell, trade, or invest in through cryptocurrency exchange platforms. As a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is often compared with Bitcoin. For instance, in terms of value, Ether is second to Bitcoin.

If you’re thinking of investing in Ethereum, you should learn more about the different ways to do so. A lot of people give cryptocurrency investments a second look when a stock market crash happens. Here are some practical suggestions that you can think about if you’re considering putting in some of your money into Ethereum:

  • Cryptocurrency – One of the direct ways for you to invest in Ethereum would be to sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange. When you sign up and open an account with an exchange, they’ll usually require you to invest a minimum amount of money. You’ll have to deposit some cash into your account. 
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet – Another way of investing in Ethereum would be to buy them and store them in your cryptocurrency wallet. Some exchanges offer this as an added feature, while some have it as a separate application.
  • Long-term Investment – Another way of investing in Ethereum is to buy the Ether cryptocurrency and hold on to it for the long term. There are investors who hold Ether for a few months and there are those who hold it for years regardless of the market fluctuations in the value of Ether. It’s really up to you how long you’ll hold on to your crypto investments.
  • Day Trading – The third way of investing in Ethereum is by participating in day trading. This is very similar to the day trading of stocks and other equities. Day traders usually buy certain quantities of Ethereum at a given price. They then hold out and wait for the price of Ether to go up. Once the price goes up to the level that they were hoping for, they would then sell their ‘investment,’ which is called a ‘position’ in cryptocurrency exchange markets.
  • Cryptocurrency Portfolio – An indirect way of investing in Ether is offered by some cryptocurrency exchanges. You can do this by investing in a cryptocurrency portfolio, which in essence is a basket of cryptocurrencies. This means you put your money into a cluster of cryptos which can be a combination of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and all those other cryptocurrencies.

The Ethereum Tide

A lot of investors have already made huge sums of money by investing in Ethereum. Some came in when the price was still very low, and waited for it to rise before cashing in. But there are also numerous people who have lost money in speculative trading. You should carefully study your investment plan or trading strategy if you’re planning to go into Ethereum investment.

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