When I first started I wondered how to make money with cryptocurrency and was really upset with myself for not diving into crypto sooner. I dove in with a few dollars in BitCoin Cash then pulled out the profits and tossed them into Doge at .3 cents before it took off. 

I sold that right before it crashed up at 75 cents. The return form that I continued to experiment and play with other cryptocurrencies and for an original $20 investment I have made a few hundred dollars sitting in my account.

There has been a lot of talk about cryptocurrency lately because big moves are taking place and more programs are being offered to help people earn extra money. Today, crypto-currencies are more accessible to people who are looking for simple and effective ways to invest. When compared with stocks, cryptocurrency is often more profitable. 

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Be smart when investing

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, you can compare it to stocks. Therefore, you may lose everything you own. There is nothing unusual about doing so. The most common way to lose money when dealing with cryptocurrencies is when the currency itself disappears from the market. In cryptocurrency, there is no physical backing and every day, new currencies are created. You should invest in cryptocurrencies that have been around for a while rather than the newest ones.

You shouldn’t make more than that unless you can afford to lose your investment. You should never stake more than you can afford to lose when investing in cryptocurrencies. You will have to wait for your money when you sell stocks. Risks are inherent in investing in stocks. It is better to have a normal savings account than to rely on investments for emergencies.

I was smart and started with only $20 investment. If I had lost it all I would have been fine. My husband spends more than that in a day or two on soda

Spread out your investment

Instead of investing all your money in one cryptocurrency, it is better to invest in several cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies can fluctuate rapidly in value and some may go up in value while others may remain the same. If a cryptocurrency crash occurs, you will never lose everything in your portfolio.

Because of this reason I hold crypto in a dozen different forms. This has helped keep my balance up even when one crashes. 

Stake your cryptocurrency

The ability to stake cryptocurrencies increases your chances of earning money. As a result, while you hold on to your staked cryptocurrency, you can sit back and relax while it continues to gain cryptocurrency. 

You can grow your portfolio without further investments or making further investments with cryptocurrencies. The dividends from a cryptocurrency portfolio are similar to the dividends from stocks.

I personally have a few coins stated but intentionally avoided Etherum staking because should I need to pull my crypto for emergency use I don’t want it locked. 

Buy into new crypto low

Investing in new cryptos while their prices are low while they are in decline is a great way to make money, even though I would never recommend investing large sums of money in a crypto that may be unstable. 

If you make these investments, do not invest more than a few dollars per investment in the beginning. When you have more money you can take more risk. If you are investing in most coins, get in when prices are under a penny. 

Thanks to this wave, dogecoin investments turned into hundreds of dollars worth of more stable cryptocurrencies for me. Although the investment process can be challenging, if you are smart, you can reap the rewards.

Hold onto crypto for the long term

The value of a cryptocurrency will rise and fall just like the value of stocks, so you should consider selling it if its value falls unexpectedly. Cryptocurrency investments and long-term ownership have proven to be the most profitable way to make money. In cases where you own money in foreign currencies, it may be a good idea to stake them during this period. 

Several people, myself included, wish they had bought Bitcoin at the onset and held it for ten years or more, but knowing what they know now, you can invest small amounts so you can sell for a large profit later.

Sell during an upturn

Sell your cryptocurrency during a period of major upswing. The best way to make money on the cryptocurrency market is to only take out profits, but to leave some of your original investment to ride the ups and downs so that if the value goes up again, you will stillhave something to invest in the cryptocurrency.

Mine crypto yourself

Mining cryptocurrencies can be one of the fastest ways to earn money with crypto. Cryptocurrencies can be mined by those who possess the necessary computer knowledge and equ

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