Top DIY Renovations for the Weekend

Home upgrades on your mind? That extra bit of love you’ve wanted to add to your home for months or even years? Life gets in the way, responsibilities take over, and your home takes a backseat. 

However, did you know that making your home look amazing doesn’t need to take hours upon hours and an endless stream of cash? Many home upgrades can be done in just one weekend and on a budget. So the next time you have a relatively free weekend, here are some DIY renovations you can do to boost your home’s aesthetic in no time. Let’s dive in and find out how. 

Let’s discover six incredible DIY things you can do to breathe life back into your home this weekend.

1. Paint, Paint, Paint 

Add fresh paint to any area that needs it. You’d be surprised at what a coat of fresh paint or two can do for a space’s aesthetic. You likely already know which areas of your home could do with a touch of color, right? 

Think trim, stair railings, and doors, especially for the front door. It’s incredible what painting the front door with a new color or a couple of new layers to freshen things up can do for the home’s outside aesthetic. After all, this is the most impressionable part of the home, so why not make it look fantastic. 

2. Blank Space Love 

Have a space or two throughout your home that looks a little dull? Most of us have at least one area that could do with some love and attention? That black wall that’s been staring at you for the past few months. Why not fill it with some art? A hanging shelf, maybe? Or a frame of your favorite photograph? 

Filling a blank space with something appreciative can bring a space to life and turn what is nothing more than an overlooked corner into the centerpiece or main talking point of a room. Any neglected area, bring it back to life and add some art! 

3. Think Nature 

Feng Shui, anyone? Incorporating nature into your home is one of the best ways to ‘renovate’ and transform a space into something incredible. If you’ve got any areas in your home that look dull, why not add some pot plants, succulents, or hanging plants? Indoor plants look amazing and turn dull into beautiful right away. 

Any outdoor space should receive some love. If it’s a DIY renovation or you’re after, it’s time to get stuck in the gardening. That overgrown hedge you’ve been putting off trimming for months? Time to chop it back. 

Gardening yourself doesn’t have to be expensive and fresh plants, pots, and garden features can completely transform your outdoor space. Another point worth considering is your gutters. Clean them out from debris and leaves that clog them up over time and invest in a leaf guard for gutters.

4. Flame Time 

Have you ever thought about creating a place in your garden where people can socialize, have a glass of wine, and stay warm all simultaneously? Time for a fire pit. Using stones and any other creative means, you can design a fire pit to become the center of attention in one corner of your outdoor space. A simple, affordable, and unique new feature to add to your garden. 

5. Check Your Lighting 

Often overlooked, but did you know that upgrading your lights can do wonders for improving a room’s look. Essential for both the actual light bulb and lampshade. There’s never been a better time than now to change light bulbs for newer, brighter, and more efficient bulbs, whereas replacing the light/shade for something more modern transforms how light flows through the room. 

If buying an entire set of new lights and covers isn’t an option, just a little dusting and wiping of bulbs and shades will make a massive difference to a room. 

6. Consider Mirrors 

When it comes to mirrors, things can often get a little boring. In terms of home design, mirrors are much more than something for doing your makeup in the morning. They reflect light and can brighten a room that doesn’t receive much natural light. 

In addition to this, you can choose mirrors with a slightly abstract shape, perhaps something outside the box and more daring than the standard rectangle or round shape. 


Six ways you can improve your home all on your own. Ways that don’t require a decorator, tonnes of time and money. Although there are endless ways to keep improving and upgrading your home, most of us don’t have time or money. However, we hope these tips have helped you believe that, yes, you can change the aesthetics and breathe that extra bit of life back into your home in just one weekend. 

Do you have a favorite DIY renovation story? Share it below!

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