Save Money On Summer Treats For Your Kids

The treats are perhaps the best part of summertime. To maximize your summer try these tips to save on summer treats for kids. Keep in mind that while ice cream and new toys is what usually comes to mind when you think about summer fun sometimes the best treats are quality time with you doing something simple like going for a hike.


Summertime is packed with great sales that can be used to help you save money on fun summer treats. Look for sales on things like ice cream and fresh fruits before you go shopping so you can compare prices and even work to combine coupons and rebates to help save the most money.

No summer would be complete without stopping by the ice cream shop. Look for special sale days that can help you lower the cost of your trip to the ice cream shop on a hot summer day.

As summer is coming to a close but the temperatures are still blazing hot we are finding a host of amazing clearance sales on everything from water toys to an entire wardrobe of dresses for my younger girls. I may have gone a bit overboard on that one.

Coupons, rebates and rewards

Use the printable coupons on Swagbucks to earn rewards while saving money on summer treats for the whole family. An easy way to make the most of summer without going broke is to sign up for a Swagbucks account to earn free Amazon gift cards.

When doing your everyday shopping use Ibotta to get rebates on everyday items from milk to your favorite brands. These can be redeemed for digital gift cards to Walmart or paid out to PayPal within minutes. You can use this money on fun treats and activities all summer long.

Insta gift card is one more easy one you can earn points just doing clicks to pages on your phone while the kids are playing to help earn a little extra cash to help with making this summer the best one yet.

Make your own treats

Making your own popsicles is a great way to save money on this summer classic. With a quality popsicle mold that won’t break or fall apart and a few simple ingredients, you can whip up some fun and exciting treats for your kids including juice popsicles or even healthy protein popsicles.

Homemade ice cream is easy to make. You can get a fun ice cream maker that allows the kids to kick around the ball-shaped ice cream maker in the backyard to churn the ice cream or try your hand at making no-churn ice cream.

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