How To Help Your Child Cope With Stress And Change {Encouragement For Moms}

Kids worlds have been turned upside down. This means our children are seeing new levels of stress as they attempt to adjust. Helping your child cope with these changes and building resilient children is important for building mentally healthy adults.

Talk to your child about the changes.

Being honest and starting a real conversation about what is going on with your child can help them understand. Talking to your child is the best way to guide them through what is happening and allow them to ask questions about what is bothering them.

Help them find fun things to distract them

From taking advantage of frugal rainy day activities to finding fun things to keep your kids busy over the summer you may have to get creative but you can find ways to distract your child from what is going on.

Practice mindfulness with your child

Mindfulness is a great way to help put a focus on the present and calm anxiety. Doing mindfulness activities with your child can be as simple as going for a walk or teaching your child to do yoga with some yoga cards for kids.

Create a new normal for your child

Many families have been thrust into homeschooling wither it be traditional homeschooling like we do or school at home using distance learning this is a major change for kids. While you can not take a break from distance learning you can create a new balanced routine.

Create a simple balanced new routine working around your child distance learning schedule. Be sure to include plenty of time for play and one one one time to help your child adjust to this change.

If you are transitioning to traditional homeschooling where you are the teacher and use the curriculum, r3ecourses, and help of your choice you have a bit more freedom to help your child cope with stress and change. Give deschooling a try and spend the next month or two not doing any traditional paper school work. This will allow your child to just and find balance before you dive into homeschooling.

Ensure your child has a social outlet.

For many families school is a time we take advantage of kids being locked up together to meet our children’s personal social needs. This can be difficult in times of social distancing and is a major factor for many parents to start homeschooling.

Kids need to be social for their mental and emotional development. The good news is that your child can be social in other ways.

  • Gather a few friends to play.
  • Set up a chat for your child and their friends.
  • Have your child join a sport or activity when they open back up
  • Volunteer in your community with your child.
  • Spend time with family.

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