Little Ways Your Child Is Learning On Their Own Each Day {Encouragement For Moms}

It’s so easy to wonder if your child is learning enough. When we have become used to kids spending 7, 8, even hours day away from home for school it is easy to think they are not learning enough when school only takes a couple of hours.

The reason kids go to school so long is not that it takes 8 hours a day to learn what they need to learn but because the day is so much more than sitting and doing lessons. Kids spend time going to and from, getting in line, waiting for other kids to quiet down, eating lunch, visiting the library or gym, and enjoying time for recess.

At home your child only does the actual work then goes about life doing many of the things they would be doing at school in an unofficial compactly. Your child eats lunch, reads books, and plays outside. The truth is a lot of your everyday life counts as homeschooling.

Let’s look at the little ways your child is learning everyday

Helping you cook dinner or bake a treat is a great way your child learns in real life. From reading the directions to measuring the ingredients your child is learning a life skill and basic education topics like fractions in a fun and exciting way. Choose a kid-friendly cookbook for some fun with your family.

Helping you with shopping is a great opportunity to learn basic math, learn to understand the value of items by how much is in each package, and even learning a bit about how the economy works.

Coloring, playing with playdough, and doing sensory activities are great ways to work on fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are vital for developing good handwriting skills.

Playing with friends works on social skills.

Riding bikes, going for a hike, and playing catch are all great ways to get in your homeschool P.E.

Even watching TV is a great way for your kids to learn about history and science in an engaging way with shows like Liberty’s Kids and The Magic School Bus

Read to your child. This is a great way to introduce tough topics like racism and diversity. Or hard to understand topics like the government and economy in a fun easy to understand way.

Enjoying long meaningful conversations with you. Is a great way to learn something new. You will be surprised how much knowledge you have to share when just chatting.

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