Leap Frog Headband Craft and Play

Do you remember playing leapfrog as a child? I love teaching the kids games from my childhood now they are getting old enough to play.

One great thing about having a large family is you are never short on a friend to play with. I remember long dragging on winters when meeting up with friends was a 5-minute thing before we gave up and ran in to hide.

With 4 kids all we have to do to play games like leapfrog on a cold winter day is rearrange the living room. This frog headband craft leaps to a game of leapfrog.

Leap frog headband craft and play

Frog headband craft and leap frog game

This is a simple craft like any other headband. Simply start by drawing a frog shape and cutting it out. Ours were provided, cut by Mother Goose Time. They make everything so easy for me. I love that they take the work out of prepping lessons giving me more time in my day. With 4 kids, homeschooling, a business, and my normal household work to finish.

Strips of green make the headband part. The kids favorite part is ALWAYS the wiggly eyes. Mother Goose Time had a great idea to attach them with glue dots which made for a mess free activity.

Once our headbands were done the kids ran around yelling “Ribbit. Ribbit.” I had to show them the classic game of leaping over each other. The frog headbands made it so much cuter.

Leap frog craft and play

Numbers frog hop game

Another great activity for this day from Mother Goose Time included a frog hop game that was a great combination of fine motor skills practice and number recognition. Thes fun frog hoppers were used to land on numbered lilly pads.

For the older kids we used two and had them work on basic addition, subtraction, and greater than, less than. You can never have too much review right?

The hopping frogs were a bit hard for my two-year-old to manage so her big brother took the time to help her. Oh how my heart melts when the children show so much love and kindness toward each other.

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