Frog Unit Study

Our Spring theme is in full swing with the little ones. The older kids (1st and 3rd grade) need a bit more for their lessons for proper development. Its so much fun creating unit studies that allow all 4 to learn, grow, and even be challanged together. So hop on in to this frog unit study with your kids.

This frog unit study is great for all ages.

From egg to frog video on frog development.

Virtual frog dissection

I know there are benefits to dissection for learning about animals but well I am not the kind of person that does well with dead things. I found this virtual frog dissection in middle school when we were doing real frog and I could not handle it.  I pulled this out for the kids and it both enthralled and grossed the kids out. Giving a virtual frog dissection a try for your frog unit study is a great way to advance it for older kids.

Frog crafts and games

Frog Headband and leap frog Fun active play for all ages.

Tadpoles ribbon dancer and frog life cycle perfect for learning the frog life cycle with little ones

Jumping origami frogs are great for older children to make.

Frog corner bookmark to mark your spot in your books.

Frog themed sensory play

FREE Frog pond playdough printable set makes setting up a playdough station easy.

Hop on into this fun frog unit study

Frog snacks

Lily pad frog applesauce snack is perfect for a fun healthy snack for your little ones and topping them with toy frogs makes them fun.

Frog book list

Grab these frog themed books from your local library or order a copy of your own for froggy reading fun.

National Geographic Readers: Frogs is a great level 1 reader about frogs.

Little Green Frog: Lift-a-Flap Board Book is cute for the little ones.

Pop up books are always fun The Wide-Mouthed Frog (A Pop-Up Book)

A Frog in the Bog is a fun way to learn about frog habitaties. 

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