Learn and Play with Bubbles

Bubbles are a childhood favorite. Blowing them and watching the iridescent colorful orbs float around can leave a child entertained for hours on end. Bubbles are cheap to make leaving them as an economical choice for entertainment. We school year round and love to pick up the pace in the summer with lots of fun learning games, activities, and field trips. A great way to do that is to allow the children to Learn and Play with Bubbles.

Learn and Play with Bubbles

The possibilities to Learn and Play with Bubbles are endless.

Toy bubble machines can be found for cheap and will keep young kids happy without you having to blow bubbles yourself for hours on end. Simply all your favorite bubble solution and let them enjoy the bubbly fun. Challenge your child to catch bubbles and pop them to get them moving and having fun.

You can create all different size bubbles with tools around the house. Look for tools with holes from the kitchen and around the house. Great options include sifters and slotted spatulas, watches and toys. Anything that has holes with complete sides can be used to create various sizes of bubbles. Create your own bubble tools with pipe cleaners. Explore and see what your child can discover.

If you really want to please a crowd you can take it too a new level by filling a pool with bubble solution and trying really big tools for bubble blowing. A hula hoop can create a giant bubble around your child. A Kiddy pool of bubbles will run about $2 between dollar store dish detergent and several gallons of water from the tap.

For a smaller bubble experience try mixing watercolors or food dye into your bubble solution. Have your child use a straw to blow bubbles in a pie pan. Once a pile of bubbles have grown use them to create art by placing a sheet of paper on top of the pile. Discuss with your child why the bubbles popped and how they created a print on the paper.

Learn and Play with Bubbles

Kids love buubly fun

Glow bubbles are a fun way to get bubbles going at night. Remember when they were so popular? Simply cut into activated glow sticks and squeeze out the fluorescent fluid. Be careful not to get cut by the glass from the internal tube. This is best for older kids that know not to put bubbles in their mouths.

Learn how bubbles can clean. I know you were waiting on this one right? Pull out the warm soapy water and give the family car a bubble bath. Fill the kiddie pool with soapy water and wash the toys, or even the dog. Put your child’s love of bubbles to work for you.

May’s Mother Goose Time Theme is Bubbles, Boats, and Floats and we are having a ball exploring bubbles from classic bubbly science of mixing baking soda and water to Learning about how to wash the laundry the kids are having a ball learning and exploring with bubbles.

We love the hands on connections in Mother Goose Time including this fun science experiment.

Bubble Sock

You will need:

Old socks
Dishwashing Detergent
Empty water or soda bottles
Rubber bands

Make it:
Cut off the bottom of an empty water bottle.
Place the sock over the end of the cut bottle and secure with a rubber band.
Mix a bubble solution of 1 part water and 1 part dishwashing detergent.

Have some bubbly fun:

Make a bubble blower for each child. Encourage your child to dip the blower into the bubble solution and try blowing both soft and hard to see the difference.

Encourage your child to guess how many bubble they made and discuss how the guess was realistic or not.’

Need more ways to keep Kids busy?

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