Michigan Renaissance Festival

Yesterday my husband and I ditched the kids with my sister for a while and went on down to the Easter Market to snag our tickets for our big 10th anniversary date at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. They had Bogo Tickets which saved a lot less than we spent on child care and lunch but I it was totally an excuse to go. See the Michigan Renaissance Festival is just a fun and magical place to visit.

Mythi and Magic and the Michigan Renaissance Festival

Truth is as much as I love our date nights at home, and as happy as going out for burgers makes me this festival is my idea of the perfect date. In fact, it was my first real date out with a childhood crush (not sure what I was thinking with that one), it was where my husband and I renewed our vows after he finished int he Army, and it is where we are going to celebrate our tenth anniversary.

I am so excited. Yes it is a kid-friendly event, we have taken the children before and they even have an entire place just for them, but this year is about us. From games and a playground to up close and personal meeting with creatures from their favorite fairy tales, the Michigan Renaissance Festival is a great place to take the kids. It is also perfect if you have a renaissance unit study in your homeschool plans. Watching knights joust and seeing period costumes up close and personal beats reading about these things any day…. Not that reading is not amazing in itself.

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Yesterday during the kick off the lens on my camera got smudged and I was forced to blow up images from my cell phone for a post but you can still see the dedication the actors put into making the festival full of magic. I will be sure to bring something to clean the lens when I go to the festival next month to get better shots. For now, I will just share some awesomeness from their Instagram.

And this man? This man loves his job you can tell by the sparkle in his eye when he was Talking to us. The feeling you get surrounded by these people leaves you walking out filled with joy. We can’t wait to return to the Festival in September.

The festival is open in weekends starting at Labor day each year and running through to the last weekend of September. Each weekend has it’s own theme and daily events allow you to have a new adventure each and every visit. When all of the children are omd enough to really enjoy it I would love to get each of us a season pass and go every weekend to tie into unit studies to match the themes.

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