Mom’s Best Friend DIY Shower Cleaner

Showers are one of those places I never quite understood how it gets so dirty. After all, it is literally an area used for cleaning. You would think basic cleaning would keep the mess away as the shower constantly has water running through it. Nope. Somehow it gets dirty just as often and the toilet which as we all know is made for rather dirty things. This DIY shower cleaner makes things so much easier.

Need a pwerful yet non toxic shower cleaner? This DIY will do the trick.

I hate spending hours scrubbing the shower to get soap scum off and the dirt that sticks to it as the children come in sticky, muddy messes. Or as their fun temporary dyes leave color embedded in all of the nonslip nooks and grooves.

I need something powerful enough to wash away the dirt without endless scrubbing, strong enough to prevent mold I have an allergy too, and safe enough for the toddlers to pop into the shower to help me clean. That is a lot to ask for a cleaner so I made my own.

I was connected by Better Essentials, an oil company, that wanted to work with me. The owner sent me a few samples to give a try and work with. When she said samples I had no idea she meant nice big 15 mil bottles of pure undiluted oils. I also never expected to find a different oil I would really like in place of my favorite germ fighting blend. In fact, I am known to use that blend as perfume. (Hey, It kept me healthily despite my nearly non-existent immune system.) Better Essentials sent me a blend called Best Friend. The blend was comparable to my favorite germ fighting blend only it was lighter more feminine. I spent days trying to figure out what was different about “Best Friend” Turns out it had more cinnamon so the clove was less overpowering. Any guess what my new perfume is made of?

I decided to use the “Best Friend” essential oil from Essential oil in this cleaner but any oil that is good for killing germs and mold would be just fine. The essential oil gives it a great scent and kills off mold and germs while the vinegar is a powerful cleanser that melts away soap scum and anything stuck to it for a gleaming white shower and very little work for me.

This shower cleaner is bound to make your life easier.

What you need for mom’s best Friend shower cleaner

  • 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol
  • 10-15 drops choice Essential oil
  • 1 cup cheap white vinegar
  • Small spray bottle

Make this easy shower cleaner

Place rubbing alcohol and essential oil into a small spray bottle.

Shake well to mix the alcohol and essential oil. Let set for an hour and shake again before adding the vinegar.

Pour in the vinegar and shake well.

How to use DIY shower cleaner

This is a powerful shower cleaner that cuts through the grime easily. Simply spray the shower down and let it sit. When you come back (hmmm remember you started this) rise the shower and respray any areas with tough spots remaining. Give those spots a good wipe down and rinses to get rid of them.

While this was created to clean my shower it can be used to clean any tough to clean or germy area. It is safe for use around your family and pets anywhere in the house so get creative and feel free to use it on nearly anything. After all, we all love clean right?

Better essentials Moms best friend shower cleaner DIY

I was provided free product to share ideas on how to use Better Essentials in your home. All opinions are my own honest thoughts. I believe essential oils are an amazing resource for the home and natural health. I am not a doctor please seek medical council before using essential oils for health and wellness.

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