Mushroom Bison Burger

Oh, how I love summer cookouts. Of course, if you have been around here long enough you already know about that and my burger obsession. When Aldi got in Bison Burger I jumped on the chance to try something new. We made some regular seasoned bison burgers and these mushroom bison burgers.

Bison is beneficial for the environment and your body. Bison meat is produced through sustainable farming. Bison create less methane gas than cows do.

Farmers that are part of the Bison Council pledge to grow a stable and sustainable supply of bison without using additives, hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics while treating their animals with compassion and care.

mushroom bison burger

When it comes to making choices for a healthy diet bison is a great option. with lower calories, lower fat, and more iron than other meat sources with the same amount of protein bison is a healthy way to reduce your beef consumption. Bison Is a friendly part of popular diets like Keto, and paleo.

Bison has a slightly sweeter taste than beef but makes a good substitute for beef in nearly any of your favorite recipes from sloppy cheeseburgers to 3 bean chili the options are endless.

Slowly the internet is showing more and more recipes for use of this meat. We made it a great lesson with the kids to help them connect to their ancestors on our Native American side. I just love when food helps us connect lessons on geography and cultures.

Bison Burger
Mushroom Bison Burgers Recipe

:: 1 pound ground bison (If you can’t find this local try Omaha Steaks)

:: 1/2 pound fresh mushrooms

:: 1 tablespoon Montreal steak seasoning

:: 2 tablespoons butter

Make amazing mushroom bison burgers.

While you wait for the grill to heat upstart prepping your mushroom bison burgers

Chop and saute mushrooms using butter in a small skillet.

When cooking with bison I recommend draining some of the fluids around it before you pull it out of the package to form. It can be a bit on the watery side making it harder to stick together for burgers.

Mix 1/2 of the mushrooms and seasoning into the bison burger.

Form patties by pushing your thumb into the center to create an indent that helps stop the burgers from over-plumping when cooked.

Bison burger topping suggestions

Tasty mushroom bison burger

For these Mushroom Bison Burgers, we topped with sauteed mushrooms and homemade Jack Danel’s Barbecue Sauce.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Bison goes well with all of the classics like grilled onions, mustard, and a variety of light cheeses.

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    I love Burger!! Will try the recipe mushroom bison burgers this weekend. Hope my kids will love it.