Planning a Great Family Picnic

Finding family time in today’s hectic world can be so hard. Family picnics are a great way to get out and have some fun together. A simple budget friendly way to spend the day. Gather some basic supplies and take off to the local park for some sunshine and some fun. Make it even better by inviting family and friends to meet you there.

Planning a Great Family Picnic

Packing for the perfect family picnic.

We got a new picnic set for the children to eat outside on nice weather days. I had to make a few customized changes like swapping the dishes out for plastic color coded sets from Walmart but now they are ready to eat lunch outside at a moments notice. We drug it a long for our family picnic here are a few other great ideas to pack.

  • Picnic blanket (ours came with our basket)
  • Light weight dishes
  • Basket or cooler for food
  • Bug spray
  • Wet wipes and hand sanitizer
  • Water bottles

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Great picnic activities for your little one.

We dug out the Family Picnic kit from Mother Goose Times August Box. I love the activities they send us to help us connect as a family. Each month features a new set often geared for preschool programs and other groups to engage families but it does pretty amazing things here in our homeschool with busy schedules keeping my husband from being fully involved.

Mother Goose Time makes planning these monthly family time events easy from invitations to friends and family to join us to crafts, games and snack ideas. This one included cards for a classic game of “What is missing?” that is always perfect for keeping kids busy while a meal is set up. When the kids get older these fun activities are things they will remember.

When planning activities for your picnic look for plenty of group game options that will encourage children and adults alike to play together. A ball or frisbee is a great way to get everyone playing and interacting together to build strong bonds.

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