DIY Fitness Headband

The number of headbands I go through is astonishing. Like hair ties and socks, they seem to poof when you turn your head away. This DIY fitness headband costs next to nothing conspired to name brand workout headbands and you can even up-cycle old workout clothes into these DIY headbands.

These are a great way to save money and reduce your impact. When it comes to teaching the kids to be frugal I like to lead by example and drag them along with me.

Monkey loves projects like this and I love knowing she is learning new skills that she will one day use with her family.

This project can be used to make thicker, thinner, and different size bands so we were able to make a set for even the babies that love to join our yoga and basic workouts.

save money and make your own headbands

What you need to make your own fitness headband:

Spandex material
Sewing machine
Straight pin

Make your own DIY fitness headband:

  • Cut your fabric into a 3 1/2 inch by 8 1/2 inch rectangle.
  • With your fabric right side down, some fabrics this will not matter with, fold the ends into thirds on top of each other.
  • Now bring the folded end over to the non-folded end and center it.
  • Fold that end into thirds and encompass the already folded end.
  • Pin and sew using a 1/2 inch seam (be sure to back-stitch to ensure it is secure)
  • Turn right side out and you’re finished!
    Save Money bu making your own fitness headbands.

I love having all of these wonderful kids joining me and encouraging me as I work hard to lose the baby weight. Fighting PCOS is a major challenge and I know by including the kids in fun projects like this they will keep interested in joining and encouraging me.

While I am fighting to take my health back and these kids are learning. Anyone can succeed at their goals and should not let anything get in their way.

Monkey is joining me in running now to work towards her running sports pin with American Heritage Girls. We plan to run a race this fall and make special headbands just for our race together.

Try this DIY fitness headband today and see what it inspires you to do.

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What fitness DIYs have you tried?

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