Preparing For Your Daughters First Period

When you have a daughter you know that eventually, you will have a sassy teen. Eventually, your little girl will start her first cycle and the best thing you can do to make it easier on her is to be prepared for her needs and comfort. A great way to do this is to create a kit full of the things your pre-teen needs to cope with hormones and cravings while giving her a good stock of feminine care products to keep her comfortable.

Preparing for your daughters first period.

The most important thing you can provide for your daughter is quality hygiene products. Pads are uncomfortable, they lead to chafing, and are packed with chemicals that can irritate your child’s skin. Your child is too young to give tampons or a menstrual cup a try. A great alternative option is cloth pads. We received cloth pads for my child from Pink Lemonade. They are super soft with silky minky and fun colorful patterns to make using them more exciting.

Cloth pads use snap wings to hold them in place and are gentle on your daughter’s skin helping prevent discomfort and rashes that other pads can cause. For your young daughter, you are best off working panty liners that can hold more than a disposable pantyliner but fits your pre-teens smaller body. This is a great thing to build up over time before your child starts. You will need to collect 20-25 cloth pads. The cloth pads from Pink Lemonade are super soft and comfortable for your daughter making periods suck a little less.

To help your daughter with everyday life using cloth grab a couple of small wet bags to transporting and storing her cloth pads.

Cloth pads

A heating pad is a great natural way to cope with period cramps and discomfort. You can make your own by filling a new sock with rice and microwaving it to heat.

Chocolate is always a winner for a woman’s period. Create a chocolate stash for your daughters first cycle to make life easier on her.

A fresh pack of cute underwear is a great thing to have on hand when your daughter starts her first cycle. It never fails to happen in your favorite pair and having some nice new ones handy can help take the sting out of the situation.

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