Tips to Save On Christmas Decorations

The holidays roll in and we are all in the mood for a little change. Decorations are going up around town and brisk cool days make us feel the need to spread some cheer ourselves. Only we want something new this year… on a budget.

Well, you’re in luck because it can be done. Spread some Christmas cheer this year without hitting your pocketbook.

to Save On Christmas Decorations

Save money on Christmas decorations by getting creative

Create your own winter wonderland. Often when people decorate they focus on the holidays but with some planning, you can create a festive winter wonderland that can stay up well into February getting more bang for your buck.

Fake snow can be made at home with baking soda. White lights and glitter can brighten even the coldest of winter days with a cup of cocoa and a good book.

Give nature a spot front and center, from holly berries, to mistletoe, and fresh pine your own backyard is a great place to start looking for holiday decor. Sticks painted with glitter make a great accent for your favorite vase, wrap in Christmas lights for a glistening snowy feel.

DIY holiday decor is endless across Pinterest. From Wreaths, DIY window clings almost any decoration can be made at home. In fact, that is how it used to be done.

How to Save On Christmas Decorations

Save money on Christmas decorations by shopping wisely

Buy LEDs despite the extra cost. In the end, LED Christmas lights will save you money on your power bill. Get solar-powered Christmas lights for even more savings on your power bill over the years. Start small and get a strand or two a year. Some hardware stores hold trade-in events for old lights.

Look at solar options for inside and out. Solar panels can be placed in windows.

You may be surprised how many festive things you have in your home year-round. Green or red hand towels in the bathroom? They would be great in the kitchen.

Green, red, and gold anything can spice up a room. Old ribbons can create a wreath. Green and red toys and bobbles in a glass vase can give a playful mood to the scheme and replace the need to go buy bulbs to put in that vase.

Red berry scented candles do just fine mix in with the cinnamon so popular during the holidays and when not lit you would never guess they do not match. Have fun and don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Have fun and get creative

A little paint can give anything a new feel. Fabric paint on cheap flour sack towels can make great, hand towels,  dish towels, and decorations on your table, and two sewn-together died can give a whole new look to a throw pillow, and returning it back to normal is as easy as pie. Try simple crafts to give something a new look or feel.

When you get bored with what you have traded it for new. Last year’s decorations may be just the fit for your neighbor this year. Check sales and the local dollar store for great deals on a few new things rather than a complete overhaul. Ask around, after all, you never know who will have something to trade.

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