How a Turkey Grows – Turkey Unit Study

When it comes to teaching kids about Thanksgiving what better way to teach them to be thankful for the turkey on the table than to learn about turkeys.

It’s getting late so this unit is ment to pull from what you have or your library has. Dive into this turkey unit study and have a ball.

turkey unit study

Books to learn about Turkeys

Turkeys (Animals on the Family Farm)

Run, Turkey, Run

T is for Turkey: A True Thanksgiving Story

Video’s to learn about Turkeys

When we lived in Kansas we had the privilege of watching wild turkeys from the back window, along with deer, coyotes, and a host of other wild creatures. Turkeys do fly and they have a tendency to cause a bit of trouble

Turkey printables

Grab this free how a turkey grows printable perfect for showing little ones the lifecycle of a turkey. Want more turkey and thanksgiving printables? Grab these Thankful Feathers and this Thanksgiving Activity Pack.

This easy turkey unit study is perfect for thanksgiving and comes with a great free printable on the life-cycle of a turkey.
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Keep the kids busy with a snack

Whether you are preparing snacks for the classroom or looking to keep kids busy at your family Thanksgiving dinner this can be a fun crafty snack for the kids and a great snack option to help keep the kids from fussing.

Try these Turkey goldfish snacks on for size

After all who doesn’t love a fun snack that doubles as a craft to keep the kids busy on Thanksgiving or make part of your turkey unit study?

More Fun Turkey Activities

Turkey Feather Counting:

Provide children with a set of turkey feathers (you can use craft feathers or draw/paint them). Have them practice counting and sorting the feathers by size or color.

Turkey Feather Art:

Use real or craft feathers to create turkey-themed artwork. Kids can make turkey handprint crafts, feather collages, or even paint their own turkey feathers.

Turkey Scavenger Hunt:

Hide small turkey figurines or pictures around a designated area and have the kids go on a scavenger hunt to find them.

Turkey Alphabet Match:

Create turkey cutouts with uppercase letters on one side and lowercase on the other. Have the kids match the uppercase and lowercase pairs.

Turkey Feather Color Sorting:

Provide colored feathers and have the kids sort them into different color groups. You can use this activity to practice color recognition.

Turkey Feather Patterns:

Set up a pattern with different colored feathers, and have the kids continue the pattern using their own feathers.

Turkey Book Corner:

Set up a cozy reading corner with turkey-themed books. Encourage the kids to read and explore the stories about turkeys.

Turkey Finger Puppets:

Create turkey finger puppets using craft supplies like paper, markers, googly eyes, and feathers. Encourage the kids to put on a puppet show.

Turkey Trot:

Organize a “turkey trot” race where kids can pretend to be turkeys and waddle to the finish line. This can be a fun outdoor activity.

Turkey Feather Relay:

Divide the kids into teams. Give each team a set of turkey feathers and have them pass the feathers down the line using only their chins or noses.

Turkey Feather Toss:

Set up a target (like a hoop or a bucket) and have the kids take turns tossing turkey feathers to see who can get the most in the target.

Turkey Science Experiments:

Explore turkey-related science concepts. For example, demonstrate how turkeys use their feathers for insulation by creating a feathered “igloo” with a paper cup and feathers.

Turkey Trivia Game:

Create a turkey-themed trivia game with fun facts about turkeys. You can make it a friendly competition with small prizes.

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