Why Workbooks are Still Usefull

As a homeschool family, we take a relaxed approach. Each day the children and I sit down to decide what they want to learn and what we need to learn each day. They love having a say in what they learn and do and I love encouraging them to explore interests, try new things, and switch things up when we need to.  Despite the rise in child led learning workbooks are still useful.

Think workbooks have lost their value? Think again...

Workbooks are useful for

Workbooks are useful for extra practice. As you identify areas your child needs extra practice workbooks and worksheets can go a long way. Finding level appropriate programs and keeping them available for use gives your child the freedom to get a little extra practice in when they want to without haveing to ask or hunt down learning resources. They are just ready to go.

Building new concepts is great with workbooks. After all when was the last time you cursive without writing? Yes, freedom in education is great but that does not mean classic tools like workbooks no longer have value.

Workbooks are great for retention. Yes, forced repetition can turn a child off but, fun and colorful make repetition of basic concepts fun and engaging helping children with retention of new skills.

Workbooks are a great tool for practical evaluation. Our favorite workbooks for the little one is from Mother Goose Time and includes built-in evaluation so we can track the pre-schoolers progress over time. For the older kids, I take time to make notes on progress and snatch out the occasional sheet when I look at them for portfolios. Unlike tests, the children don’t feel the stress that can fiddle with results.

Workbooks are great for building study and test prep skills.  The right workbooks are enjoyable and kids choose to do them when given time. As they work they are building skills that will come in handy as they age and the level of learning becomes more challenging. Tests to get into colleges effect your child. Workbooks are a slow introduction.

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