Scrabble Succulent Planter

It is still too cold to get outside and get the garden going. We do not have much longer before seeds can go into our dugout beds that are covered in black landscape fabric and plastic to help warm the soil. While we are stuck inside we are getting a few more crafts in to make things fun. This Scrabble Succulent Planter is easy to make using up extra scrabble pieces from some spelling activities.

Succulents are popular because they make amazing house plants. Succulents are hard to kill and can easily be ordered online even when the garden centers are closed. If you need a nice new house plant this is a great option.

How to make this simple Scrabble Succulent Planter

Supplies needed:

  • Terra cotta saucer (medium/large)
  • Succulent friendly soil or loomy sand
  • Scrabble tile letters
  • Assorted small succulents


  1. Begin by filling the saucer so it is ¾ full of sand. Gently even the sand out with your hands, making
    sure it is packed well in place.
  2. Add your succulents as you wish. Choose 2-3 succulents smaller the better and slightly Burry them.
  3. Once the succulents are arranged as you wish, add in your Scrabble tiles. We created the word GROW but you can do any word you wish. Just press the Scrabble tile into the soil so it is standing upright.
  4. Your mini succulents garden is now ready to be displayed. You can change it up as you wish adding embellishments throughout the year or even by changing the tiles to create new words.

Caring for your planter

You can opt for artificial succulents to enjoy this craft anywhere or if you have a black thumb.

When caring for live succulents spritz the soil lightly with a fine mist spray bottle to water. If you need to add more water before leaving your plants for a long period of time remove the
Scrabble Tiles to prevent the tiles from getting water damage.

Most succulents will stay small when is small containers. If your succulent grows too large for the container repot it and add in young pups from the plant when they pop up.

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