Six Makeup Tricks For Hooded Eyes

When applying makeup, techniques and methods differ depending on eyelid shape. Most people have round, almond-shaped, hooded, or mono eyelids. Each might require a different strategy to enhance and flatter them.

Therefore, if you find a look you love and decide to emulate it, the effect might not be identical due to differing eyelid shapes.

You should always consider this when applying eye makeup and experimenting with new looks. This eye shape is typically genetic, although it might become more prevalent as you age and your skin loses some of its elasticity.

Here are some makeup tricks for people with hooded eyes:

Lashes for effect

A hooded eye occurs when your skin appears to fold down from your brow bone onto your lash line. Finding the crease between your eyelid’s upper and lower halves is challenging. A hooded eye might appear small or droopy.

However, it is possible to overcome this is by buying quality lashes for hooded-shaped eyes from Lilac St., Trish McEvoy, or Sweed. Lilac St. lash extensions make your eyes appear larger, reducing the hood’s prominence.

These DIY extensions are easy to use, making them ideal for novices or anyone who needs to get their makeup done quickly with minimal hassle. Lilac St. lashes come in various styles, and combining them is easier than it would be when using strip eyelashes.

Avoid lengthy or heavy lashes if you have hooded eyes, as these styles make eyelids seem droopy, leaving eyes looking smaller.

Indeed, you want to achieve the opposite effect by making your eyes appear bigger and more open. Therefore, stick to natural-looking lashes that are longer in the center and shorter toward the inner eyelid.

Use the right eyeliner for hooded eyes

One trick to getting the perfect eyeliner when you have hooded eyes is to use a brush tip liner. This is because other liners like pencils and felt tips are likely to skip on the fold so your skin as you do your inner.

Because you line hooded eyes while the eye is open and the skin is unstretched this is vital to getting that perfect sharp wing or smooth line.

My favorite eyeliner is the Epic Wear from NYX I found on a trip to Ulta with my little sister over the summer. I have it in both black and this stunning silver now. The brush glides smoothly and its everything proof so it holds up well to sweat, water, and riding on the motorcycle.

Curl your eyelashes

If you have hooded eyes, eyelash curling is essential regardless of whether natural or fake. Curled upper lashes create a doe-eyed look, with the eyes appearing wider than they are. This is a perfect way to negate the hooded look your eyes create.

Even if you do not wear makeup, curling your eyelashes will have a marked effect. Eyelash curling splays your lashes and gets them to point in an upward direction, making the lid seem more open.

However, exercise caution here as long lashes that are too tightly curled will rub against the eyelid, smudging your makeup.

Highlights make hooded eyes pop

People with hooded eyes should not highlight their entire brow bone as it will appear saggy, making their hood appear puffier. A highlighter draws attention to an area, making it seem bigger.

If you have hooded eyes, you do not want to make your already prominent brow bone more so.

Use a highlighter under the arch of your eyebrow to define that area without magnifying the brow bone’s appearance. Less is more in this instance.

Cut crease eyeshadow is ideal for hooded eyes

The cut crease is an ideal eyeshadow application technique for people with hooded eyes. It makes it appear that you have more of a lid and a separate brow bone. The eyeshadow choice creates a stark contrast and allows you to carve your own crease, making it much more defined.

In its simplest form, the cut crease technique requires a light matte shade across your entire eyelid. After that, use a medium matte shade in the crease and blend it up toward the brow. It makes your eyes look wider.

Look straight ahead when doing eye makeup for hooded eyes

Most experts advise people with hooded eyes to look straight into a mirror when applying makeup. Applying makeup while looking down or closing your eyes does not work as the hood will smudge it once you return your eyes to their normal position and look straight ahead.

Alternatively, any eyeshadow applied to the lower half of your eyelid will ‘disappear’ behind the hood after opening your eyes. Keep your eye on the prize when applying makeup to hooded eyes.

Conceal to brighten your hooded eyes

Any dark circles or bags under your eyes make hooded eyelids more prominent. Therefore, apply concealer to these areas as part of your makeup regimen. Start by using a straight line of concealer from your eye’s inner corner to about halfway down your nose. Dab some concealer on the eye’s outer corner.

Blend the concealer from both sides toward each other and upward until you reach the bottom of your eyelid. This makes eyes appear bigger and wider open.

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