How you can Start a Stockpile Without a lot of Money

Many families are living paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes you feel like you will never be out of the cycle because you don’t have the budget to get out of that cycle. Building a stockpile without a lot of money is a great way to break free.  Stockpiles are not only for extreme couponer or apocalypse preppers. They can be just the ticket for the everyday family.

Start a Stockpile Without a lot of Money

Building a stockpile gives you the power to not worry about basic needs. The power to free up part of your budget after a while to cover other needs painlessly. Start a stockpile today and don’t worry about if your family will have food should you become sick or laid off. Without ever changing your budget you can build a stockpile that will help your family save big and prepare for hard times.

How can I start a stockpile if I am living paycheck to paycheck?

The number one thing that stocks families from building a stockpile that they do not feel they have enough money to start. It can be scary thinking about moving your budget around to make room for another cost. You feel as if you can’t afford to get started. The truth is ANY family can start a stockpile even yours.

Take $5 out of your normal grocery budget. You may have to pick a cheaper meal for your menu to pull this one off but it will pay off in the end. Find an item you use often on sale. For me, I look for Canned pasta sauce at about 50 cents a can. Other good options are baking mixes you use often that go on sale. Worst case hit the next ten for $10 sale. spend the entire $5 on something shelf stable at a low price that will save you money next trip too.

Next shopping day shuffle that $5 again. This time use one of what you bought for your stockpile in your menu for the week. Take the amount of money you saved and add it to your $5. If you bought pasta sauce and it is normally $1 a can that means you now have $6 to spend on sales for your stockpile. The next week use one of each weeks haul in your menu as well as shuffle that $5. Your budget has now grown to $7 for your 3rd week.

You may be thinking that your diet is now getting worse than it was but, with in, a few weeks you will have your budget without having to shuffle anymore. Your budget will grow and you can spend that money on more costly items and more interesting deals you find.

Stockpile non-food items as well

Build a stockpile that includes everyday items like toilet paper and shampoo as you find good deals. It helps to sign up for free samples that often come with high-value coupons. Over time you will save a large amount of money and never worry about running out. To consider your family uses often, diaper wipes, toilet paper, medicines, first-aid items, cleaners, and disinfectants just to name a few.

Don’t be brand picky. Give new brands that are at rock bottom prices a try. Don’t shy way from a good deal just because it is a store brand. Many brands are created by the same manufacturer or using the same recipes. If you have to be brand loyal limit what you are loyal too. We use Dawn. It is the only brand I insist on because it cuts grease and does not leave me with an allergic reaction. I buy in bulk and on sale with coupons to make it affordable.

Use coupons, sales, and apps

To build a stockpile for less start gathering coupons for items your family uses. This can be everything from food to cleaning supplies and staples like toilet paper. Check out all of the didgital coupon apps including rebate programs and your local stores rewards program. You can email or your favorite brands for valuable coupons that will help you build up your stock. By combining recourses you can save even more money while building your stockpile.

Start a Stockpile Without a lot of Money

Can I build a stockpile if my family is on a special diet?

Our family has to keep certain foods out of the house due to an intolerance to food dyes. While this does limit us from buying many foods for our stockpile it does leave us with plenty of options. When I find a super amazing deal on a food we can’t eat I do grab it to pass on to others that do eat these foods.

Not everything you eat comes in a can or box. In fact, most of our regular diet does not but my stockpile gives me options, a safety net if you will. While ground beef and other meats that are not usually shelf stable. Nearly everything can be found in a shelf stable verity. Freeze dried meats, vegetables and even fruits created for survival kits are perfect for building a stockpile that your family really can use.

Finding room for your stockpile

One thing that turns families off from starting a stockpile even when they know it will do them good is because they simply do not have storage available. Building a stockpile in a cramped home can be a bit tricky. Sure you can store several months of laundry detergent in the laundry room. Other items like toilet paper, canned and boxed goods and well just about everything, can get out of hand. With a little creativity, you can find storage for your stockpile.

Large storage bins are great for filling with items critters may go looking for. An air tight seal can go a long way and these bins can be stored nearly anywhere. Look for places that you may not normally consider for storage. Kids can not shove toys under the bed if the area is filled with under the bed storage bins. Look for unused places items can be stored out of sight.

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