Teaching Children the KEYS to Friendship

Teaching children basic character skills is vital to rebuilding our society. We as parents must step up and put an end the decline in manners sweeping the country. Children walking around using foul language, teens with pants so low you wonder whey are they bothering to wear them? We CAN take a stand and teach our youngest generation to follow a new path. To carve out a world of integrity and kindness.The 6 Keys to teach your child about being a good friend

This month with Mother Goose Time we are working on a Friends and Feelings unit. This wonderful Keys of Friendship board game was included this month and opened a wonderful opportunity to talk about these character traits with the children.

These Keys of Friendship are valuable lessons to teach your kids.


Without respect, we can’t function as a whole. Respect is the key to growing lasting relationships. You can take this as a chance to discuss the ten commandments and how they are about respecting each other and the Lord.


Teaching children kindness and compassion can truly change the world. Set an example and watch your child flourish in love and acceptance. Being kind can be hard in the face of adversity but, a small kindness can go a long way.


The Lord calls us to Forgive even when forgiving is the hardest thing to do. As humans, we have a tendency to hold a grudge that can break down a friendship pretty fast.


Teach children to help others each day. Simple acts of kindness go a long way for those in need. Volunteer together sorting food at the food bank or sweeping floors at the local shelter helping others.


Teach children to give generously to others. To donate part of their allowance, give time to younger kids. Bake cookies for neighbors and discuss how giving is good for the soul. Look for small things you can do to help others and give generously even when you have little to give.


Learning to be patient is important because no one wants to be rushed. This is another topic best taught by example. I know I often lack in this one. While many will tell me how much patience I have I always want to laugh because I know the truth. I have very little patience with anyone other than my own children. I do not set the best example.

Learn basic how to help you child with these basic character traits.

Homeschooling and socialization

One of the most common concerns people have about homeschooling is where kids will get the necessary socialization to build friendships and learn how to be part of the community. The good news about homeschooling is that your child will actually have more opportunities to come into contact with new people. Communities are not made up of groups all born within 18 months of each other. Instead, they are groups of people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. To really immerse yourself in a community you need to be out in that community getting to know and building friendships with people of all walks of life.

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