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With Thanksgiving on it’s way so quickly. I find that this is the perfect opportunity to teach children to be thankful for what they have in life. Far too often we take a look at what we don’t have.

This month I encourage you to take a look at what you DO have.  Grab this thankful feathers printable to help look at what your family is thankful for.

Print on colored paper or have participants color them however they feel like.  Pass out as guests come in, create a display for everyone to place feathers, with pens, colored pencils, and tape for creating beautiful feathers. Your imagination is the limit with this simple printable.

—>Grab your free Thankful Feathers printable now<—

Looking for a simple printable for your thanksgiving dinner? These thankful feathers are perfect for teaching kids to be thankful and celebrating thanksgiving as a family

Does anyone else remember doing things like writing what you are thankful for on a feather to build a turkey in school as a kid? These are fun but this set allows you to have a more delicate falling feather design that works wonderfully to leave up all season long in your own home.

do this with your kids to help teach them what thanksgiving is all about or set up a table for the adults to our together a thankful feather display on a poster board in your work office or family gathering.

Uses for Thankful Feathers

  • Create a thanksgiving display
  • Teach kids to be thankful for what they have
  • Decorate for Thanksgiving
  • Crafts
  • Classrooms

Gratitude for all year long

Gratitude is truly the key to manifestation. Print these on paper that is less thanksgiving colored and more general for a fun and easy way to set up a place for reminding you what you are grateful for to help attract what you want in life.

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