Shimmery Sensory Snow

We just adore sensory projects. They are truly just perfect for entertaining little ones and meeting their needs for sensory stimulation. Sensory snow is a popular activity for wintertime because while the snow is “Cold” it is nowhere near as cold as the real thing.

One day strolling the dollar store with Monkey we came up with the idea to add a bit of shimmer and shine. And Shimmering Sensory snow was born.

Make your own Shimmering Sensory Snow

Mix the eye shadow into your baking soda. It will bind well but as you move your head you will see an extra shimmer like real snow.

:: 1 small box of baking soda

:: 2 cups shaving foam

:: 1/2 shimmering loose eye shadow

Add in your shaving cream and mix until a snow consistency. As the light bounces off the shimmer powder, you will see it glisten like real snow.

This is a great one to pair with sand toys giving them a bit of use in the winter. Food molds and playdough tools are a great addition. Pair this activity with a good read-aloud for even more fun.

Winter Read-A-Louds you don’t want to miss

Snow sensationally describes the sensation of playing in the snow. Just perfect for this activity.

Mouse’s First Snow

Snow (I Can Read It All By Myself)

Dream Snow by children’s favorite Eric Carle is a perfect Snowy Christmas tale.

So grab the supplies on your next trip to the dollar store and these books from your local library for loads of sensory fun.

Sensory play ideas for this DIY fake snow

Sensory Bins: Fill a large plastic bin or container with fake snow. Add various objects like small toys, scoops, cups, and spoons for children to explore and play in the snow. They can dig, scoop, pour, and feel the texture of the fake snow.

Ice Excavation: Freeze small toys or objects in ice cubes or blocks of fake snow. Give children tools like plastic hammers, spray bottles filled with warm water, or salt to help them excavate the toys from the frozen “snow.” It adds an element of surprise and discovery to their play.

Snowball Fight: Mold the fake snow into soft balls and have a pretend snowball fight. It’s a fun way to engage in active play indoors without the need for real snow. Make sure to establish rules for safe play and create boundaries to contain the “snowball fight” area.

Snow Sensory Bags: Fill sealable plastic bags with fake snow and small objects like buttons, beads, or sequins. Seal the bags tightly, removing as much air as possible. Children can squish, squeeze, and explore the texture and objects inside the bag without making a mess.

Snow Prints: Dip various objects like toy animals, leaves, or textured materials into fake snow and press them onto colored paper or fabric to create snow prints. Children can explore the different imprints and textures left behind. You can do this with sensory foam sand for a summer version of this activity.

Remember to supervise children during sensory play activities and ensure that the fake snow or any materials used are non-toxic and safe for play.

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