Things You Should Check While Buying a Bar Stool

The next time you visit a bar, pay attention to the stools there. Aren’t they taller and narrower than the ones in your house? They have a footrest on which you can support your feet while enjoying your favorite drinks. 

Those are bar stools that you find mostly in bars, but you could also use them in your home. Some people prefer placing them in front of kitchen counters or other areas because it’s an attractive piece of furniture.

These bar stools are great for giving your kitchen an upgraded feel or for making your home bar or man cave in the basement or garage feel more authentic. Bar stools give the space height and style.

Just like other furniture, these come in all shapes and sizes. Take Rhone bar stools, for instance. You are won over by its elegant design at first glance, with its thick legs that promise sturdiness.

If you want to buy these for your private bar or kitchen, go ahead and order one for yourself. But these are some things you should check while ordering online to ensure you receive the correct product.

Which Material Are They Made From?

Check what kind of material the manufacturer has chosen to make it. The best ones contain acrylic, a transparent plastic metal with impressive strength and rigidity. It is highly impact-resistance, which means your stool will last long. 

Acrylic offers you the benefits of glass while being lighter, stronger, and safer. Of course, old-fashioned wood is the most classic material option.

Are the Legs Thick Enough?

The legs should be thick enough to support the stool’s weight and the person sitting on it. Legs that aren’t thick can easily collapse under the extra weight. 

In general bar stools should be rated for over 300 pounds to ensure that they are less likely to break no mater who is visiting.

How Much Does It Weigh?

The specific weight depends on the material used to make it. Metal and wooden ones are heavier than plastic. However, the dimensions of the items also determine their exact weight. 

Most Rhone stools weigh about 25 pounds, making them neither too heavy nor too light. You won’t have to worry about the item incurring damage.

Does the Footrest Have Enough Space?

Footrests are a vital part of a bar stool since that is where you rest your feet and are usually situated a few inches off the floor. But more importantly, the distance between the seat and the footrest should be enough to allow comfortable seating. 

Lesser space will restrict the movement, making it uncomfortable to sit upon. Ideally, the distance between the two should be between 16 inches and 18 inches. 

Another thing you should consider is the height from the floor to the footrest, which should be 12 inches at the most. Anything beyond that, and you will find it difficult to climb on the seat.

For someone like me that is short that footrest space is vital for helping make it easier for me to get up into the sweet and to help keep me comfortable while sitting because there is no hope of resting my feet on the ground.

Is the Seat Wide Enough?

A narrow seat will prevent you from sitting comfortably for a long time, besides causing instability. Most have widths of 16, 17, and 21 inches, but you should select one with a seat dimension of 16 inches wide and 28 inches in length. 

That way, you will have enough space to sit comfortably without constricting your movement. Besides the width, you could also check the seat’s height without the upholstery and whether there’s a reasonable distance from the footrest.

What about the Upholstery?

Can you decorate the item with a fabric supplied by the company, or can you do it with leather? What kinds of material does it work best with? These are some questions you must ask beforehand. 

Rhone bar stools made from acrylic are transparent, stylish, and highly functional. From the footrest to the width, every factor plays an essential role in deciding its comfort, and it’s vital to consider each of them while buying one. 

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