Popular Summer Home Trends That Are Making Their Presence Known

Summer is the warmest season of the four seasons of the year. To most people, the arrival of summer signifies that it’s time to unwind during vacations, barbeque events, and other outdoor activities such as partying. For most people who are lucky to own homes, they conduct maintenance and renovations of their outdoor and interiors a few months before summer breaks. The improvements enhance the housing outlook and set the ambiance for summer. There are vital home improvement projects that have been setting the trend lately, making their presence known. Below are some of the popular trends.

Power Washing

This type of washing involves the application of high-pressure water sprays to clean off the debris, dirt, and molds from the wall’s surface or any concrete surface. Pressure washing impacts your home’s appearance making it tidy. Your concreted pathways may be deposited with salt and dirt resulting from snow during winter, and applying the right skills to the paths can look new. Concrete is the commonly used manufactured material worldwide and has been rated the second most devoured substance globally after water. To enhance the home trend concrete appearance, you can rent a pressure washer from the company in your area and try cleaning the outdoor surfaces of your exterior compound. If you are not confident you can do the work since almost 90% of the compound is concreted, check for companies around you that offer pressure cleaning services at an affordable price.

Replacing the Roof

Leakages on the roof could have developed during winter, and as summer approaches, it is the right time to find a roofing professional to examine the affected areas. If the shingles are damaged, it’s best to replace them with high-quality roofing that can last long. The average lifespan of a roof is approximately 15 to 20 years, but a newly developed type of superior quality metal roofing can last up to 70 years. For convenience, you should prefer the type of roofing that will last forever without spending money on repair every year.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

When you hold barbecue events, you would wish to have a kitchen in the outdoor area where you can have all the cooking supplies you need and a small open bar for drinks. An outdoor kitchen provides a unique aesthetic where you can cook and have fun without going back to the house after every second to check on the food. You can add other items in the compound where the outdoor kitchen is located-things like TVs and river rocks. River rocks intensify the look of an area. You can install a kitchen island made up of river rocks in the outdoor area to make it look more stylish and beautiful. River rocks cost approximately $100 to $700 per ton, and the space you need to install the rocks may not consume more than three tons. It’s a home trend that is quite affordable if you are willing to have high-quality designs around the outdoor kitchen.

Replacing Windows

Re-installing is among the significant summer home improvements you should observe as a homeowner. During winter, you may have installed windows that maintain warmth, but a lot of heat can cost you during summer. You should install energy-efficient windows that retain cool temperatures even when the temperatures outside are hot. These windows enable you to save costs spent on installing fans and air conditioners. They are cost-effective and add value to your home if you want to sell it later.


The other home improvements might need company assistance, but landscaping is an easy task that you can DIY without aid. If you lack an idea of how to landscape, apps like Pinterest can be helpful as they have countless great ideas for landscaping your backyard. You probably will be spending a lot of time in your backyard, so ensure it looks beautiful to enjoy your summer. Simple gardens with unique flowers, plants, and shrubs on your sidewalks can make your backyard attractive. Ensure you get rid of dead flowers and plants to make the surroundings look outstanding.

The time is running out, and you should begin the renovation of your house to enable you and your family to have a fantastic time. Avoid engaging in home improvement projects that don’t match your budget; instead, choose the most worthy home trends that relate to your taste and preference.

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