How To Make Barista-Style Coffee At Home

There’s just something so special about barista-made coffee. It may seem like a simple cup of coffee for some, but to caffeine enthusiasts like you, it’s perfection. And you’d probably love to make it in the comfort of your own kitchen, while still in your pair of pajamas. 

You may have thought before that it’s only possible to have barista-style coffee at your local café downtown, but it’s possible to make one at home. So, prepare your favorite mug or get a customized one from Printful and from similar companies to celebrate your first-ever barista-style coffee at home and follow the tips we share below. 

Always Go With Freshly Roasted and Ground Coffee Beans

Making a barista-style coffee at home starts with the right coffee beans – it’s the fundamental element of your coffee experience. So, make sure that you get only high-quality beans. 

Ditch the ones displayed on your local grocery shelf. These beans have been sitting there for who-knows-how-long. Instead, buy fresh coffee beans from specialized coffee shops or even your local café. 

And when you buy, make sure to choose whole beans that are freshly roasted. But, if you don’t yet have a grinder machine at home (more on this later), you can buy small quantities and ask the shop to grind them for you. 

Once a coffee bean is roasted and ground, the natural oils, and chemical compounds start to break down. So, the sooner you use the bean, the more potent the flavors are. 

Invest In A Good Coffee Bean Grinder

Any barista will tell you just how important a good grinder is to get the best-tasting coffee. A poor-quality grinder can result in inconsistent coffee grind size which impacts how the flavor of the coffee beans is extracted during the brewing process. 

In general, you’ll be faced with two types of grinders — burr and blade grinders. Blade grinders are cheaper and more suitable for those just entering the world of barista-style coffee brewing. However, it’s recommended that you invest in a burr grinder instead. Although it’ll cost you more than regular blade grinders, a burr grinder offers consistent grind size, thus, providing a better coffee flavor experience. 

Think Of The Brewing Method You Want

There are several ways to brew your coffee, barista-style. This can be intimidating, especially if the only home brewing method you’ve known is through a coffee maker. It’s even more challenging if you’ve only been drinking instant coffee at home. 

Here are some of the brewing methods used by baristas:

  • Drip Coffee Maker

As mentioned before, this is the most popular coffee brewing method at home. Nonetheless, it’s also used by big chain coffee shops because of its convenience and can create a nice cup of brewed coffee. Take note, nevertheless, that regular drip coffee makers don’t have the ability to make espresso shots.

  • Pour-Over Method

You’ve probably seen this in specialty café shops. The barista makes your coffee by slowly pouring hot water into coffee grinds in circular motions. The pour-over method is an advanced brewing method due to the human element that controls the brewing time and flavor. If you want a clean and elevated barista-style coffee flavor, you should consider mastering the pour-over method. 

Brewing with a French press allows you to retain important coffee oils that you can’t get from a regular coffee maker. And while it may seem intimidating, it’s really easy to make coffee with a French press.

You simply mix your coffee grounds with water, wait for a few minutes and press down. Voila! You get a nice cup of full-bodied coffee while basking in the coziness of your own kitchen

  • Espresso Machine

A level-up from regular drip coffee makers, an espresso machine isn’t beginner-friendly since they tend to be expensive and difficult to use the first few times. Like drip coffee makers, espresso machines are a mainstay in cafes. Having an espresso machine at home can truly elevate your barista-style coffee and be on par with espresso-based beverages. 

Use Filtered Water

Coffee is mostly made of water. And yet, it’s said that water is often one of the most overlooked elements of coffee. If you think you can just use tap water from your sink for a barista-style coffee, think again. 

Tap water contains trace minerals and chemicals that can change the flavor of your coffee. Using filtered water provides a cleaner and crisper taste to your coffee brew. If you’ve ever felt like your home coffee feels a bit muddied compared to what you get in coffee shops, water quality is possibly the problem. 

Ordering your morning dose of java from that cute little café in your neighborhood may have been your routine. Yet the satisfaction of re-creating your favorite barista-made coffee at home gives you a sense of satisfaction and pride. And once you’ve perfected your techniques with the above tips, your morning routine will never be the same again. 

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