The Three Little Pigs Unit Study

We all remember the story of the Three Little Pigs and how working harder and planning better can make life easier in the long run. Yes, a straw house is quick and easy to build but the brick house with a strong foundation will stand.

Three little pigs unit study

Mother Goose Time recommended the story the Three Little Pigs to go with the Down on the Farm pig day. They included a great investigation station idea to allow the children to “Build” houses for The Three Little Pigs and get hands on with the story.

STEM Station Idea from Mother Goose Time

Set out different materials you have on hand pop cycle sticks, straws, shredded paper, blocks, and other items you have running around. Challenge your kids to build their own homes for the pigs. Once they have created structures challenge them to BLOW the houses down like the big bad wolf.

Talk about The Three Little Pigs

Talking about the story with your child helps them learn to comprehend what they are reading or is being read to them. Ask questions challenge them to think and encourage them to ask questions. Here are a few to get you started.

  • Why did the first two pigs build houses out of straw and sticks?
  • Why do you think the last pig used brick?
  • If you were one of the three little pigs what would you build your house out of?
  • Why did the wolf want to blow the pig’s houses down? How do you feel when you are hungry?

This Guide full of ideas for the Three ;little pigs is loads of fun

Catch the pig Dance n Beats

Getting up and moving is great for helping children focus on learning. We get Dance n Beats a fun add on from Mother Goose Time to help the kids work off wiggles and focus on learning and growing. Quite handy for my ADHD child. You can check out this pig themed dance for your little ones today.

Easy Clean Mud Dough makes the perfect mud for playing with your favorite pig toys.

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