Tips For Surviving Allergy Season

Allergy season is here in full force now. It is a bit worse in our house because we are pulling up carpet and revealing a good 50 years worth of dust that worked its way under the padding and out of the reach of even our Shark vacuum. I know it will be worth all the dust now when we have easier to maintain hardwood floors and can pack away the vacuum for the most part but for now we are suffering through allergy season making the best of it we can. the upside is we have learned a few tips to survive allergy season.

Allergy Season

Tips to survive allergy season

Use furnace filters attached to box fans around the house. By taping furnace filters to the box fans we are reducing the dust and pollen that comes in through the windows. Inside the house, they make a great homemade filter for removing dust from the air released as we pull up the carpet.

N95 masks are amazing for coping with allergens in the air. They stop the dust, pollen, and other allergens when you go outside. Due to the construction nearby I stocked up on these so we have one for every member of the family for when a bad day comes around. In the meantime, I use mine on days the pollen and dust are too much for me to handle.

My best friend found a great trick for making it easier to breathe in allergy season and stop her snoring. She discovered Breathe Rite Strips may not be pretty but they work wonderfully for keeping comfortable when you are at home or in bed.

Peppermint, lavender, and lemon essential oils make a powerful combination for fighting allergy symptoms. You can use them individually or blend them together for your diffuser, roll on, or essential oil diffuser. Be mindful of essential oil safety around children. Peppermint oil can affect sensitive children’s lungs.

tips to survive Allergy Season

Stock plenty of Tree Free Tissues. We love Seedling by grove because we can feel better about the paper products we use. No trees are involved so if you use several boxes over the season there’s no harm done. They are fully compostable and Grove carbon offsets every order and plants trees each year while making their seedling products from sugar cane and bamboo. With your first order, you can get a free 5 piece Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning set and each order has opportunities for free items.

While your doctor is the best person to talk to about allergy medications there are several things you can do to naturally fight your seasonal allergies. These are worth trying if you have mild allergies or combining with your medications to help fight severe seasonal allergies. Find several tips on how to naturally fight seasonal allergies here.



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