Uses for Bon Ami Powder Cleaner

Let’s face it. I just don’t have the time to make homemade cleaners like I used to. While making your own scoring powder is fairly easy I am hunting to get as much off my plate as I can. When I placed me Grove Colabertitive order I was sure to add Bon Ami Powder Cleaner to my cart.

It was cheap and is a much safer alternative to Comet and safer for use around the kids. We love how gentle it is and the fact that Bon Ami doesn’t have harsh fragrances or harmful chemicals. So I set off to find Uses for Bon Ami Powder Cleaner.

Uses for bon ami

What is Bon Ami?

Bon Ami is an all natural scoring powder. This powder has been trusted since 1886 and was at one point a household name. When I pulled it out of the box my grandmother got super excited because she remembered that cleaner from when she was a child and her mother and aunt would use Bon Ami Powder Cleaner.

Bon Ami is a safe and non-toxic alternative to Comet.

What can I use Bon Ami On?

You can use Bon Ami on hard surfaces around the house. It is useful on spills, burned on grease and baked on food. Do not use on windows or mirrors. On polished or glossy surfaces, test first on an inconspicuous area to be sure it will not scratch.

Uses for Bon Ami you need to know about

Uses for Bon Ami

Bon Ami is great for scrubbing grime off of your oven. The lightly abrasive texture makes it great for scrubbing the door of your oven and even getting the glass clean again. While not recommended on windows it is great for getting the baked on grease off.

Bon Ami is great for cleaning out your sink or bathtub. Just like other scoring powders, it can help scrub off the soap scum.

Get stains out of counter tops. If you have ever spilled anything heavy is artificial coloring, dyed your hair in the bathroom sink, or found yourself with a spill on porous tile? Bon Ami can work into the little crevices and scrub out the stains without damaging the surface.

Bon Ami can help get the dirt off of your grout by getting into the tiny crevices.

Ever fight to get burnt on grease off your enameled cast iron cookware? Bon Ami can help get it off without damaging your cookware leaving it clean and looking like new. This is a great way to get out stubborn stains from the animal.

Where can I get Bon Ami Powder Cleaner?

When shopping in store I usually have the best luck in little mom and pop shops. This is great because no only do they carry it but you can support a small business at the same time.

You can Grab Bon Ami on Amazon but the mark up kinda sucks.

Add Bon Ami to your Grove cart for your next order and snag it for under $2. If you are not a member of Grove colaberitiveJoin grove and get a 5 piece Mrs. Meyers set with your first $25 purchase.

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