What are the Different Shapes of Wooden Furniture Feet?

When you equip your furniture with durable legs, you optimize its weight and capacity. Exquisitely carved furniture feet lend an elegant charm to your furnishings. Although priced high, legs made of solid wood maintain desirable balance, withstand more weight, and resist scratch marks.

If you are keen on replacing damaged furniture legs, raising the height of your existing furnishings, or wish to revamp their overall look, invest in quality feet. You can lay your hands on modern and traditionally carved leg pieces for your wooden furniture. With a vast handmade collection, you are never short of options.

Leg Shapes Available 

Wooden furniture feet are available in complimentary sizes and shapes. You can opt for uniquely carved feet in the following forms:

  • Contemporary Square

Usually, a modern square-designed leg with more height and lesser width pairs well with your desk or table. Made from cherry, oak, pine, soft or hard maple, this shape contributes to the appeal of your dining or coffee table. Its smooth surfaces result from sanding, which facilitates subsequent painting or staining.

  • Round Bun Foot

Thanks to its classic shape, the bun foot gels perfectly with country, colonial, and traditional furniture. This furniture leg lends a natural and harmonized look that pairs well with upholstered chairs, sofas, and kitchen islands. Its precision cut and detailing stand out convincingly when you paint or stain it to match your furniture.

  • Tapered With Subtle Detailing

You can pair this shape of feet with your bench table or nightstand for a beautiful and classic appeal. The distinct straight lines and subtle detailing on the top end of the taper lend a versatile traditional and modern appeal. Moreover, this shape does not disappoint on the stability factor. 

  • Turned Spoon Foot 

This solid wooden leg has a straight and smooth center that tilts its spoon foot turned base. These wooden feet are a charmingly unique addition to your home decor and assure you of a well-balanced furniture piece. You can confidently combine it with a plain or carved desk or dining table.

  • Traditional Curved Cabriole

Part of the Victorian Queen Anne style range, this solid wooden foot with its typical cabriole shape pairs perfectly with your chair, dresser, sofa, or bed. By availing of the hanger bolt installation, assembling this foot type becomes quick and easy. This furniture leg is hand-carved to perfection and meets the highest quality standards.

  • Square Bordeaux

Another shape from the bun foot collection, the square Bordeaux, makes a bold statement. It ensures your furniture piece stands out impressively, lending your kitchen cabinet, dresser, chair, sofa, or bed an eye-catching appeal. With its smooth finishing touch, the overall appeal of your home furnishing is elevated significantly.

  • Reeded Cascadia 

This bun foot enhances the appeal of your interiors and is convenient to assemble, especially when equipped with hanger bolt installations. The leg’s rounded accents, tapered profile, and 16 reeds highlight its imposing look. Considering the entire piece is crafted by hand makes its unique beauty worthy of admiration.

Select a reputed supplier with an eye for superior wood worth carving and transforming into elegant furniture legs.

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