Why You Should Grow Plants Indoors

As planting the spring garden is underway most of us are thinking about outside, but you may be overlooking some valuable growing space.  Sure you may not get a lot of fruits and veggies from an indoor garden but. You will find a few amazing benefits to convince you that you should grow plants indoors too. Choose plants that grow well indoors and enjoy the benefits of growing plants indoors.

Want better health, less stress, and a more enjoyable home? Grow plants indoors! Who knew.

Grow plants indoors to purify the air.

The process of photosynthesis takes in bad air and lets the good air out into the space around the plant. Bringing plants like Aloe, palms, herbs, and lilies into the house cleans the toxins out of the air. From smoking to just having plants in your home toxins are released. Growing plants indoors is a natural way to filter the air for your family.

Growing plants indoors reduce illness

Indoor plants balance out humidity levels, filters germs from the air, and gives your family an immune boost. Think of them as natural indoor air filters and your own fresh supply of oxygen. The more plants within your home the better they can help protect you by filtering out the germs and pollutants in the air. Try a potted Mayer lemon tree in the bathroom or a potted orange tree in the kitchen.

Give your mood a boost by growing plants indoors.

Studies have shown that growing green plants indoors has great effects on stress levels. Think about how you feel less stressed after going outside. It is all those fresh green plants. The colors and scents do amazing things to perk us up mentally. Lavender is perfect for growing in bedrooms to reduce stress and help you sleep at night. Bright flowers bring joy and make the perfect addition to a teens room to fight depression.

Did you know this? Growing plants indoors is easy and beneficial.

Growing plants indoors boost concentration and memory.

Want your kids to do better in school? Bring the garden indoors. Exposure to plants calms allowing your and your child to focus better.  Remember we are meant to be out in nature so bringing nature into our world helps balance us out. Bringing nature inside to us helps us function mentally and physically the way we are meant to.  Bring in the green ferns and cacti for this one. Building a terrarium is a great project for your kids to do and leaves them with the perfect indoor environment for plants.

Have a ready to go natural first aid kit by growing plants in your home

From aloe vera to lavender many medicinal plants can be grown in your home. Teach your family proper use for these medicinal plants and ever worry about running out of Neosporin or burn cream again.  Aloe can be used for everything from healing and medical to beauty. Growing lavender indoors can great a relaxing environment and aid in general well-being.

Growing plants indoors

Most plants can grow indoors with the right light source and you can even swap light bulbs to help plants thrive. You can even get LED grow bulbs that fit your standard sockets so you can turn any room of lamp into the perfect place for growing plants.

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