Winter Wonderland Play Dough

Winter can be so dull. Sometimes you just need to add a bit of sparkle. This Winter Wonderland play dough was inspired by the kid’s Frozen obsession. With three girls it is still wildly popular here. Adding a bit of sparkle is always a hit.

For this month’s play dough sensory station I made winter wonderland play dough and added some winter-themed cookie cutters I found on Christmas clearance.

Make your own sparkle frozen inspired winter wonderland play dough.

Make your own Winter Wonderland playdough

Playdough is one of the many things you should never buy premade. If it dries out, the kids mix it onto a multi-colored blob and somehow you manage to hold back the tears of frustration as you throw the dough in the trash.

Making it yourself you only spend a few cents a batch and can sit back and relax while you invite your child to create.

Our favorite go to no-cook playdough recipe

:: 1 cup flour

:: 1/4 cup salt

:: 1/4 cup oil

:: 1/3 cup water

:: 1 tablespoon aluminum-free cream of tarter

:: 1 small tube of blue glitter

How to make this winter wonderland glitter playdough

Mix everything together until a smooth doughy texture. Store in an airtight container. Add a few drops of water as it begins to dry out. Store in the refrigerator for an extended storage life.

Want more Frozen themed fun? Why not check out this Frozen inspired sugar scrub?

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Make this winter wonderland play dough for your Frozen fan.

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