Apple Unit Study w/ Johnny Appleseed Printable

Ahhh fall is here… When you think of fall odds are you think about apples and pumpkins cool air and shorter days. A great fall lesson is to learn about Apples.

Early elementary is the time kids remember happy moments the most and nothing builds happy memories like a trip to the local cider mill. Those fresh donuts and hot apple cider can be the start of a great chance for learning.

Johnny Appleseed

Looking for a last minute Apple Unit Study? Here is a fall apple one for ages 3-8

The story of Johnny Appleseed is a classic story perfect for these crisp cool days. This month our preschool program Mother Goose Time sent an exclusive version written just for the program. I love the wonderful unique books that come with this program you can get a copy of the book we have on

One of my favorite activities with apples is to go to the store and buy one of every variety they offer. Cut a slice for each child letting taste and discuss the apples and how they are different, or the same.

JohnnyAppleSeed Printable with Apple Unit Study

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Apple Crafts:

Apple Unit Study for ages 3-8. Check out this cute apple craft and FREE Johnny Appleseed printableApple Core Craft

This cute apple core craft came from our Mother Goose Time box for October. The seeds were not apple seeds so we swapped out seeds from fresh apples.

What you need:

  • Paper Plate
  • Red and green paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Apple seeds
  1. Have your child cut leaves out of the sides of the paper plate and paint them green.
  2. Paint the rest of the plate like an apple core and glue one seed for each year of age.

Apple Unit Study for ages 3-8 with johnny Appleseed printableApple Stamping

Pull out the finger paints and a fresh apple for this classic fall finger painting project kids of all ages love. This is a great time to explore the parts of an apple. Skin, flesh, seeds, and stem. Talk about the texture of the apples. We did ours with this Apple Pie Finger Paint.

Apple videos

This is a quick video on the life cycle of an apple.

This one shows kids how apples get picked for the supermarket.

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