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Unit Study for all ages on SEEDSFall the Harvest Season. Brisk winds, pumpkin everything, and the skyline painted bright and colorful as leaves change and begin to fall. Farmers, gardeners, and all sorts of woodland creatures are reaping the harvest and storing away seeds. The very base of all life can be held in your hand.

The first day of October’s Mother Goose Time was about SEEDS! As you can imagine this was exciting for me and prompted my choice in subjects for this month’s Homeschool Blog Series.

We have been planting our fall garden here this past couple weeks. The children love holding, touching, and placing little seeds to sprout. Getting hands on actually growing a plant from seed can be an amazing thing that leads to amazing moments of learning and growth in a child. I remember the children’s faces the first time they tasted fresh green beans right from the plants they grew from tiny tiny little seeds.

This Grow a bean sprout from a seed is great year round. If you do it at the right time of year (Ammmm TODAY if you live in the south like us.)

Try taking a large seed apart and looking at the detail inside the seed. You can get my free 3 part nomenclature seed cards to help your child learn about the parts of a seed.

Seed Unit Study Seed Collection This seed collection came with this month’s Mother Goose Time box. It was a great starter set and the projects like counting with the seeds for math, and forming letters with them for literacy, really got my attention. Anyone that knows me knows I have a firm belief that children need to be taught 3 main academic lessons. Reading, writing, and math, after those three they can learn anything so focuse on raising good people.

Build your seed collection, where can you find seeds in your house or on your next walk?

Observe the seeds. Are they big, small? Round? Flat? group seeds by likes and differences. Talk about the plants they grow.

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  • Trena Balakrishnan says:

    Kids love exploring seeds. I don’t know what it is about them, but its fun to watch a child plant them and then watch them grow. Or put the bean seed in a paper towel and plastic bag where they can watch the roots. It always amazed my little ones! My son still love to garden.

  • Maria Magdalena says:

    I used to be eat the pumpkin seeds. But this is a good idea too to collect the seeds.