Eco-Friendly Menstrual Care Products

Are you looking for earth-friendly ways to meet your personal needs? As a menstruating woman, you produce large amounts of waste that ends up in landfills. By making a simple switch to one of these alternative feminine care products you can help to reduce the trash you produce.

With these eco-friendly reusable options, you never have to worry about running out or dealing with issues like shortages on feminine care products. Remember that every small change works toward creating the future you want for the world and yourself. 

Why should you use eco-friendly period products?

It is our job to make moves to help reduce the strain we are putting on the ecosystem. Making eco-friendly choices around your home, with your cleaning supplies, and in your personal care is a great way to reduce your own carbon footprint. your period care products are such a small simple way you can make a difference. 

Not only are these menstrual care products better for the environment they are better for you. The harsh chemicals in disposable products cause all kinds of health issues from increased cramping to toxic shock syndrome. These safer alternatives are so much better for you. 

What eco-friendly period product options are out there?

If you are looking for a way to be more eco-friendly and lower your carbon footprint these eco-friendly period products are a great way to make a big difference. These will reduce the amount of water needed to produce your menstrual products, reduce the number of chemicals used, and reduce the amount of trash you send to the landfill every year. 

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups make a wonderful, long-lasting solution for eco-friendly period products. Menstrual cups are chemical-free and made of body-safe silicone. They can be easily sterilized and used over and over for years before they begin to break down. When it comes to earth-friendly options that make these are a wonderful way to keep thousands of tampons out of landfills.

Menstrual disks

Menstrual disks are a great option for eco-friendly menstrual care. While you can purchase disposable ones that need to be replaced each day you can now get reusable menstrual disks that can last for months. These low-profile disks are great for women that do not feel comfortable with cups.

Even better, just like the disposable versions, reusable menstrual disks can be used during spicey time with your partner.

Cloth pads

Cloth pads are a popular option for eco-friendly period care products. You can get cloth pads in a variety of absorbances and sizes including ones small enough to a preteen or heavy-duty ones you can use in the postpartum period.

Cloth pads are my go-to option after having a baby. Unlike disposable pads, they are much gentler on your sensitive skin that is oh so tender after having a baby. Cloth pads don’t have that diaper feeling that can be so annoying and uncomfortable.

Etsy is great for finding cloth pads and you can always make them yourself. Even Amazon carries these. For postpartum, you can even use newborn cloth diaper prefolds that after you heal can be added to your baby’s cloth diaper supplies and used as a booster pad when they outgrow the newborn size.

Cloth panty liners

Like cloth pads, panty liners made from cloth are much more comfortable and can greatly reduce how much trash you send to the landfill from your personal care products.

Cloth panty liners are inexpensive and easy to find online or to make yourself with some basic sewing skills.

Period panties

Period panties are one of the best eco-friendly alternatives to pads and tampons. These are very comfortable and allow you to reduce your waste footprint. For younger menstruating pre-teens and teens period panties allow them to stay more comfortable and helps to create more normalcy than other period products on the market while beating heart friendly at the same time.

Sea sponges

Ever wonder what existed before tampons? The answer is sea sponges. Yes, they are exactly what the name implies. Soft natural sponges taken from the ocean. These eco-friendly sponges are soft and absorbent. They are safe for even the most sensitive skin including down there. If you are looking for a natural and sustainable option these are a great ones to consider.

While you can not find these in most pharmacies any longer they can be found online. These are easy to wash and reuse over and over again and when you are done with them they are 100% bio-degradable.

Reusable tampons

Are you crafty? Many people crochet these days and one great small yet easy project is to make your own reusable tampons. Of course, if you do not crochet yourself you can buy crochet tampons online. These are easy to wash and are simply rolled and inserted like a tampon.

Another option is to use cloth tampons which can easily be made yourself or purchased at a spachialty shop.

They have a string for easy removal and work with reusable applicators for a close as you are used to experiencing as possible.

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