How To Save Money On Groceries

Are you looking for simple and effective ways to save money on groceires to feed your family on a budget? These tips will help you save money and ensure that you can provide for your family even in this economy with ever increasing prices.

As a mom runnging a large household I have to work a bit harder to stick to oure tight budget in this economy. The plus side is that doing so I have learned so much that can help others succeed.

Shop the sales circulars before you go

Many people miss the simpliest way to save money on groceries. Take the time to check the sales ciruclars before going shopping. While sales ads can be a bit confusing at first after a while you will learn to reconize the best deals.

Stores will place items at a steep discount they often lose money on the best deals in their ads to help encourage people to come into their stores where they will buy more stuff. Going to the store to buy these items to add to your stockpile is a great way to save money on food and feed your family on a budget.

Use coupons and rebates

Clipping coupons form the Sunday paper is not longer the best wayt o save on groceries. The deals are just not ther anymore making it far from worth the time investment.

The good news is that while paper coupons have lost their punch on your grocery bill the wide spread use of didigtal coupons and apps has increased and these have become a great way to save money.

Take the time to look over the store coupons offered alonside your favorite store loyalty cards and apps like ibotta that are great for saving money on everything for your household.

Look for clearance

Every time I go into the store my sister works at, which is often a couple times a week when she goes into work then leaving with my husband when he gets off of work I swing by their designated clearance sections.

Many stores have several reas where they put clearance items incluing pantry and general perchandise, frozen, produce, baker, and meat sections. I do a stroll checing each area for deals we can use every time Ienter the store.

Build a stockpile

One of the best things I had ever done to help save money on gorceries to build a stockpile for my family. Building a stockpile allows you to buy the foods your fmaily uses often whent hey are on slae for a fraction of the cost spending less money as time goes on.

Start by deep stocking foods that our family uses often when they go on sale we are leaving more room in our budget. Starting small to build a stockpile on a budget by stock ing things like 6 months of pasta suyace when it is on sale cna make a big differance when done consitantly.

Get an extra freezer

The biggest hold back to saveing money many people have is the supplies avalible to stock food for your family at a discount. One of the best thigns you can do to allow you to save money onf ood is to invest in a deep freezer to store food you get a good deal on.

We have three total freezers between refridgerators and a large deep freezer in our home. This allows us to store several months worth of meat at a time when it goes on sale so we never have to pay full price. Which is a blessing in this economy with high inflation rates hittign the grocery store.

When storing food in the freezer make a point to use tools like a vacuum sealer to help prevent freeszer burn.

Give store brands a try

One great way to save money on groceries that many people over look is trying store brands. Sure you will find some you do not like but you will be surpriesd on others. Store brands are much cheaper than name brands.

Many store brand products are made in the same factories with the same recipes as store brand products making it easier to find products you love. You may find some new favorites while you save money.

Shop at discount and salvage stores

One great way to save money on groceries is to take the time to look for and visit discount and salvage grocery stores in your area. These stores are selling theings that may have been over stock at other stores or provate lables.

Stores like Aldi are growing in popularity beacuse they offer lower prices with their own private lable brands. More and more grocery stores are working to complete with these cheaper offerings helping to keep no name brand product prices lower.

These stores tned to have soem of the best deals on every day basics like flour, sugar, eggs, and milk.

Get a club store membership

One of the best things you can do for items that never tend to go on sale like rice is to get a membership to a wholesale club store. We stock up on items like flour, rice, baby wipes, trash bags, and other essentials at a fraction of the cost.

This is great for large families that go through things quickly like we do as well as for those that want to build a stockpile on a budget. Sam’s Club helps make it easier to save money on groceries by buying in bulk.

Menu plan

Menu planning is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help save money on groceries. By meal planning, you can make use of leftovers reducing food waste to help save money.

Meal planning allows you to compare sales and use your stockpile in the pantry to feed your family for less. Over time meal playing and building a stockpile of items, you use often when on sale your grocery expenses should drop rapidly.

If you are not a fan of having meals planned out to a T you can still make this work by making a menu plan for the week and picking and choosing what to cook each day from that menu in real time.

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