Staples to Save Money on Food

The first place many families look to cut spending is the grocery budget. Food is one of the few expenses that is not set giving you the power to shuffle your budget. When you know what basics to stock up on and how to use them you have the tools to save money on food. 

Stocking these staples has made it easier to feed my family and I can even be found buying them in bulk from Sam’s Club to ensure that we have everything we need.

Staples to Save Money on Food

Staples that save money on food

Bulk it up with oats

Oatmeal is the key for me to making our budget go further. I use it to sneak nutrition and filling fiber into meal after meal for my family allowing me to spend less on meals for my family. I mix oatmeal into ground beef, pancakes, smoothies, and even burgers.

Adding oatmeal to meat allows it to go further without using more meat and it soaks up the fat from the meat taking on the flavor. 

Eggs are a protein powerhouse

Eggs are a huge way I save money on food. Eggs are a frugal protein packed with vitamins and healthy fats that allow you to get more bang for your budget. Eggs make foods more filling and can be used in hundreds of ways.  

Not only are eggs great for feeding your family but you can save the shells to add calcium to your garden for strong plants that pack more nutrition.

Dried goods

I know you were hoping NOT to see rice, lentils, and beans make the list. Sadly I can not ignore how will these staples help you save money on food. They make amazing fillers for meals and when not used as the base of a meal your family will never even notice that you used these basics to fill them up.

Staples to Save Money on Food

Stock baking supplies

Pack your pantry with baking staples. Not only can baking from scratch save you money on food it is amazing to feed your family when you run out of food.

Simple Flour and powdered milk can be made into dumplings and tossed into a homemade broth from leftover chicken bones. Serving home-baked breads with meals makes them more filling at less cost.

If you are on a diet that does not allow for wheat you save even more money by making basics from scratch over costly alternatives.

Fill the spice cabinet

Stock your pantry with herbs and spices. The flavor goes a long way to make nearly any dish likable. In a real pinch, you can feed your family a lunch made of herbed bread or a homemade spice cake. Having the power to make even the blandest thing in the back of the freezer can come in very handy.

Buy peanut butter in bulk

If your family can safely have peanut butter this is a frugal filling option you can stockpile in your home. Buying the larger jars of store brand when they go on sale at places like Kroger is a great way to save money on this filling staple.

Use peanut butter to serve with apples or make it into peanut butter oatmeal cookies to help ensure that no one goes hungry at home. you can even make your own peanut butter.

Build a stockpile of canned goods

Look for long-lasting highly nutritious foods to stock your pantry. Basics like a tomato paste can make so may things including pasta sauce and chili. You never know when you will run out of food and need to get creative. Home canning is a great way to stock your pantry and save money on food.

Save your grease

From saving the grease when you cook up ground beef for cooking with later to saving the flavorful grease from your bacon that will last nearly forever in your refrigerator until you are ready to use it grease saving is a great way to save money.

Use this leftover grease for greasing pans and even shallow frying in a pan on the stove. Bacon grease has many amazing uses in the kitchen. You can even buy containers designed to help you save grease from your cooking.

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