Fun And Simple Exercises For You And Your Kids

Kids can be great exercise partners. Working out can become your regular shared activity with lots of laughter, fun, and bonding. And after it, you will all enjoy that positive feeling of exercising together. But how to exercise with kids of all ages? The key is to be creative, flexible and inclusive.

Moving Around

Activities like these are paramount to child development and should be practiced as often as possible. Of course, these could also include walking, but keep in mind that your child has a lot of energy, so this walk should not be too short or too easy. Crossfit can also be a great thing to do together but it requires some Crossfit gym essentials. Running is always a good choice and there are numerous ways to get the kids interested.

Muscle strengthening

To strengthen your muscles, try gymnastics, among other things. A child should perform these kinds of exercises at least three times during the week, and it would be ideal if you provide them with the motivation to train for a full hour.

Bone Strengthening

It covers activities such as jumping rope or running. There are numerous exercises that you can do with your youngest, and not only will it help them to develop their body properly, but it will also improve their endurance and strength.

A Game of Catch

Playing catch can be a good workout as we work on speed and endurance with the child. It is a great and fun activity that greatly helps families to bond. It will help your child improve its reflexes and accuracy.


As kids, we only thought about the speeds we could reach. But the truth is that rollerblading is one of the most demanding activities for the body. The skates are unstable platforms and require a great deal of stability, done by activating the abdominal and lumbar area. The gluteus and quadriceps are other parts that are very much activated during skating. Roller skating also helps in losing fat.

Take Props to the Playground

Most children like to go to the park, where they usually enjoy the slides and swings. Take advantage of this moment to stimulate a little more physical exercise: if you take a soccer ball or a jumping rope, you can practice other outdoor activities that will bring adults and children together in real sports events. Flying a kite is also an activity that combines fun with exercise… and the little one will love it!

Go Around the Neighborhood… On Two Wheels

Cycling is an excellent physical activity that can be done with the family. To motivate your children for a more stimulating ride, create a cycling route – make a note of the places where they must pass, in your neighborhood, and assign points to whoever finds them faster. It can be the pharmacy, a museum or even the café where they go every day. The objective is precisely to reward those who, on two wheels, identify the spaces that are part of your itinerary more quickly.

Explore Nature

In almost all parts of the city, there are open spaces or trails, so challenge the youngest to walk there, with the mission of discovering new things: from stones to unusually shaped leaves, animals and rare birds or even a coin that someone dropped there!

Visit the Municipal Pool

Municipal swimming pools, usually open throughout the year, are an excellent alternative for those who enjoy water sports, especially for children. So, enjoy a free morning or afternoon to take the kids to the pool and organize games and swimming events. Whoever strokes the most or swims the longest may be entitled to win a prize. Even if it is to decide the dinner menu! This physical activity is especially suitable for winter and in summer you can exchange for an outdoor pool!

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